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I Fell For My Brother

Chapter 22

~ Seth ~ I watched how happy Seyah was and her beautiful smile as she watched the sunset. She’s just way too beautiful to look at. I sighed and wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me. She looked up at me with a beautiful smile and then hugged me back resting her face against my chest. I kissed her head and rested my chin on her head as I watched it too. I really love her but there’s something inside of me. I’m scared and I have a bad feeling about everything. I don’t feel like we will be able to stay like this for a long time. But that doesn’t matter. I should just let her enjoy her life because no one can know what will happen to us tomorrow. After we were done watching, I looked down and Seyah. I sighed as I saw she’s asleep. I carried her to the car and placed her on the passenger seat, then buckled her seatbelt as I got into the car and drove away. While I was driving Seyah woke up and then she looked at me with a lazy smile. I couldn’t help but chuckle because of her adorable face.

I sighed and nodded at her. Then after some time we reached home. As we entered the house, I saw mom and dad who were talking with a smile on their faces

. They are always so lovely, what a cute couple. But soon they were separated by Seyah, she just ran towards them and jumped between them. I looked at mom who was already laughing because of her dumb action. Then my dad was already cuddling her. “Seth, let’s go out for dinner. Get ready” Mom looked at me and smiled as I nodded at her and looked at Seyah before walking towards my room. I walked into the washroom and grabbed a shower, then came out and changed into a normal black shirt and black pants. Then I fixed my clothes as a gentleman and combed my hair back as I grabbed my phone and wrist watch before walking out of the room. I sat next to dad and as always, we are ready but the ladies are not. Dad looked at me and smiled, I knew he was also thinking the same thing as me. “Seth, how do you feel about Seyah?” His question pulled me into a deadly silence. Why did he even ask that kind of question? “I love my little sister” I simply chuckled and said as he nodded at me with a smile. Then suddenly, my phone vibrated and I looked at it to see it was a message from an unknown number. When I was about to open it I saw mom and Seyah coming down. I looked at Seyah and saw she was wearing a black short frock with straps and I just didn’t know how to describe her beauty. Wearing the pearl earrings and the necklace I bought for he she’s just so fucking gorgeous. And then my mom, she’s just fucking gorgeous with her white dress. Soon she came and wrapped her arm around dad as he got up from the sofa. I looked at Seyah and walked towards her as she smiled at me and wrapped her arm around mine. Why the hell is she so gorgeous? I just can’t force my mind to stay without kissing her lips because of her beauty. Then we finally went to a hotel dad belonged to and as soon as I saw it I sighed. Only a few months and I have to deal with everything. Why does my dad have so much business? Urgh it’s bloody annoying. As we waited for our dinner I took my phone out to see the message I got but I couldn’t because Seyah held my arm under the table. I pressed my lips together and looked at mom and dad. They were busy with their own world. I chuckled and intertwined our fingers as I again put the phone into my pocket. Soon two waitresses came and served our food. I couldn’t wait any second as I saw dad had already ordered my favorite food too. “Mom, I need to go to the washroom,” Seyah said after having dinner. Then mom sighed and nodded as she got up to leave but she was stopped by a call. “Seth, go with her” Dad said and I gladly nodded as I took her hand and walked away as Seyah grabbed her bag with her. I really wanted to spend some time alone with her because the time I spent alone with her wasn’t enough.