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I Fell For My Brother

Chapter 24

As we walked towards the table where our parents were, we saw nothing. Where did they leave? I looked at Seyah and saw she was also looking at me in the same way. What the fuck? They didn’t tell us that they were leaving and of course they didn’t even call me or Seyah. “Mr. Dawson” I looked back as I heard a voice and saw it was the manager of this hotel. He smiled at me and then looked at Seyah with the same smile. “Mrs Dawson and Mr Dawson asked me to inform you that they had to attend to an emergency task so they left. Mrs. Dawson said ``enjoy for a moment and go home because they won't be coming back home tonight” hearing that the manager said I looked at Seyah, then she sighed and looked at me too. “Okay, thank you for telling us. Did they pay the bill?” I asked and he immediately nodded at us. Then he left, after he left I looked down at Seyah and saw she was biting her lower lip. So they are not coming home tonight and tomorrow is saturday, that means they won’t come back tomorrow either. “Where do you want to go? To the washroom again?” I smirked at Seyah and asked, she bit her lower lip and looked down shyly. I smiled and took her hand as I walked towards the presidential suits in the hotel.

“I love you so much more,” I said as I kissed her forehead. Then she giggled and unzipped her dress, breaking our hug as she walked into the bedroom as I followed her. Then she sat on the bed and took off her heels

. I watched her every movement and I forced myself to hold back my desire to fuck her. “Seth, we didn’t ask for this room right?” she asked me. I shook my head and unbuttoned my shirt, took it off and removed my wrist watch. “This presidential suit was given to our family so we can come anytime. Only thing we need is the password for the door” I said unbuckling my belt and Seyah watched me for a while and nodded. I waited for her to ask for the password from me but she didn’t. “Don't you want to know the password?” I chuckled. She pointed at me and shook her head cutely. “I don’t want to because I’m coming with you and you know everything about dad’s secrets” I laughed as she said that. Of course she’s coming with me and there’s no need for her to know it. As I walked towards the bed, Seyah looked up at me and smiled before taking her dress off of her body. My heartbeat went crazing seeing how gorgeous she was with her naked upper body. I unzipped my pants without moving my eyes away from her. Then she looked at me and looked at my pants. I looked at her lips and I wanted to feel her lips but no. I can’t let her do blowjob for me. I sighed and pushed her on the bed and climbed to the top of her. Then removed her dress completely and pressed my lips against hers. I kissed her and pushed my tongue inside of her mouth. Then without breaking the kiss I swiftly pulled my pants down with her help. Then I remembered that I should wear condoms. I got off her body and put my hand into one pocket in my pants and pulled the condom box out. Then tearing a packet I wore it, then I looked at Seyah and saw she was looking at my actions. I chucked and spread her legs before pushing myself into her. “Ahhhh” A fucking seductive moan escaped from her and I didn’t stop her because no one can hears us. I watched her face and then pulled myself almost out before slamming into her again making her moan even more louder. “Seth . Faster” She moaned and I quickened my movements making her moan without stopping. Her moans were just honey to my ears and I wanted to hear more. So I started to fuck her deeper and harder. After I released sperm I pulled myself out swiftly and changed into another condom as I sat up on the bed. I grabbed Seyah from her waist and sat her up on my lap as she placed her hands on my shoulders. Then I again pushed myself inside of her while making her move up and down. I looked at her face and saw she was tilting her head back and biting her lips with pleasure. Then I groaned and took her one nipple to my mouth as I started to move her faster.