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I Fell For My Brother

Chapter 05

“Seyah. why ? Just go with me. I didn’t watch. ” Didn’t watch? Why is he lying? He never lied to me before. “I saw you Seth. I ran after you, I wanted to tell you that don’t go with her but I saw you in front of the theater and I saw the way you stayed with Eliza and the way she kissed your cheek and you also entered the hall with her to watch the movie that I wanted to watch with you. So it’s okay Seth I’m not hurt. ” My eyes filled with tears but I didn’t let them come out. The hurt look on Seth’s face made my heart hurt more but I knew it was my fault because I fell in love with him. “Seyah I didn’t. watch it. I just stayed with her. ” Seth spoke and his voice was really broken but I’m just too hurt to believe what he said. “It’s okay Seth. You stayed with her all night so it’s okay for me to stay with Justin for three or four hours” with that I left.

I just know that you’re my brother but I won’t stop loving you even if you hurt me more. ” I smiled at him again and I saw his eyes turn red as they filled with tears. “I’ll go with you, just don’t go with him

. ” Seth said as he sat down on my bed. “I agreed with Seth, just like you promised her I also promised him. Please Seth it’s okay just forget. I’ll go and come. I really want to watch it. ” Suddenly Seth pulled me closer to him and kissed me. What ? The ? Hell? Did he just kiss me? My mind was about to explore. I never expected this. I never thought that he would kiss me. “Mmmm. Seth. ” I tried to push him away but he took that opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth and he kissed me passionately so I wrapped my arms around his neck but suddenly he pushed me away. Why? I looked at him with a confused look. Seth suddenly got up as he strode towards the door. “I’m sorry. ” With that he just left. What’s wrong with him? Why did he kiss me then? My vision blurred as my tears came out. I really hate myself. for this wrong feeling. - Seth - Why? Why did I just kiss her? Urgh am I insane? I don’t know what happened to me. FUCK. I left her room and strode towards my room. I suddenly remembered the way Seyah talked, she was smiling but I knew that she’s hiding the pain behind that fake smile. She said that she saw me with Eliza, it hurts to believe that she saw me and Eliza going to watch her favorite movie. Her eyes filled with tears as she spoke. Why ? I hurt her, she was hurt because of what I did. I didn’t even expect Eliza to kiss my cheek but for some reason I was just disgust because of her kiss, I don’t feel disgust with Seyah but what the fuck. Seyah is my one and only sister. I actually didn’t lie to Seyah. I didn’t watch the movie with her, I didn’t even look at the screen. I just used my earphones and slept. Eliza tried to talk to me but I ignored her. I did it because I wanted to watch it with Seyah. I was just scared, I didn’t want to fall in love with my sister but I think I already. so I stayed out till it’s too late and I spent time alone. I didn’t stay with Eliza. fuck I wanted to tell all of this to Seyah but she’s going out with a guy and it made my heart hurt. I knew Justin liked Seyah, he was a handsome guy and also he had a good personality but I don’t want him to have Seyah. I was fucking jealous and scared. It was my fucking fault why didn’t I just say no to Eliza. Damn. my life is a mess. The most painful thing was for me to see Seyah’s tears, I hated it since my childhood. Seyah was really pretty and cute when she was a little kid and I loved her so damn much but when she cried it made my heart hurt as hell and it also made me cry. Now she’s crying, crying because of me. I sat on my bed as I buried my face in my palms, I was just suffocating and I don’t know how to describe that pain. I stayed in my room for hours and didn’t even go out. I was thinking about everything and it was just weird to fall in love with my own sister and I don’t understand why both of us feel the same way. We are just siblings and our blood is the same but why did we fall for each other? But I shouldn’t let her know about my feelings and I can’t start anything with her. Seyah was always ignorant so I should just make her forget about those feelings. Urgh. why my fucking heart betrayed me? SHIT. I stayed in my room and it was almost lunchtime so I went out of my room and looked around and Seyah was not around so I think she is still in her room. Fuck “Young master, lunch is ready. ” Aunty Martha came and told me with a warm smile. “Young lady said that she’s not hungry. Why don’t you go and check her young master? She’ll definitely eat if you go” aunty Martha said as she sighed. Seyah didn’t eat last night and her breakfast was also not enough, if she missed her lunch she’ll definitely be sick. “I’ll go. ” With that I went to Seyah’s room. I knocked on the door but she didn’t reply so I went in. Seyah wasn’t on her bed so I checked her in the bathroom and she wasn’t there also, where did she go? My heart was beating so fucking fast it was because of my fear, if something happened to her I don’t want to live because she was the reason I stayed like this. shit. I stopped in front of Seyah’s changing room. “Seyah” I spoke with a low voice but she didn’t answer so I went into her changing room. FUCK. I saw Seyah and she was wearing a towel, she had taken a shower. From my angle I could see her breasts. That towel she was wearing is only covering her butt, her creamy white legs were exposed I couldn’t help but look at the stunning sight in front of me, FUCK FUCK FUCK. why did she stay like that? Then I suddenly remembered I’m in her room. I turned to leave. “Seth?” Before I could leave Seyah spoke, my throat became dry and my lower body was changing so I should go as soon as possible. “Lunch is ready” I didn’t turn my head to look at her but she came and suddenly grabbed my hand. “Seth. don’t go. ” I still didn’t look back because I didn’t want to see my sister’s body and have dirty thoughts. So I decided to leave. “Seth. I said don’t go. Stop. ” Seyah grabbed me from my shoulder and turned me to face her. I looked down at her she was just so beautiful.