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Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 60

Janet ridiculed, “Cindy, it’s a good thing that you’ve stopped hanging out with them. Friends like that will only bring you down.” “Exactly, she has to borrow money from friends to buy clothes.” Catherine, who was normally incredibly patient, could not give in to the mocking anymore. “I can definitely afford this. It’s just a basic limited edition.” Join (Let me go, Mr. Hill) Telegram Group For Fast Update She pulled out the card given by Shaun and handed it over to the salesperson. “Didn’t you say you have two sets of that? I want them both. I’ll not allow anyone else to wear the same clothes as my man.” This took the salesperson by surprise, but who would turn down money? “Sure, two sets of this will come to the total of one million dollars.” “…” Catherine felt her legs going weak. She felt like slapping herself hard across the face for saying stupid things like that. Oh no, what if it exceeded the card limit? She stole a glance at Janet and Cindy’s look of disbelief before forcing herself to hand over the card. ‘Let there be enough money,’ she thought to herself repeatedly. “Oh, I have to remind you that we don’t accept returns on limited edition items,” the salesperson said out of the blue. Catherine felt her brain freezing. ‘Xx&&#&x,’ she cursed internally. Good God, she had planned to return the items later. Cindy covered her mouth in mock surprise. “Cathy, I hope you weren’t planning on returning the clothes later.” “Pfft.” Catherine scoffed as if she heard a funny joke. “I’ll not do something as lowly as that. Also, stop calling me Cathy. Hearing you say that hurts my ears.” She turned to look at the salesperson. “Hurry and pack it up for me. I don’t want to keep hearing the crazy dogs bark.” “You…” A flurry of emotions chased across Cindy’s face. Janet held her back.

This amount is peanuts to him.” “You don’t understand. He’s a frugal man. With all that wealth in his pocket, he lives in a house slightly over 100 square meters, drives a car worth about 300,000 dollars, and only uses free tissue paper given out by the gas station

. The watch on his wrist is also of a random small brand.” “Well, he… He’s pretty good with his money, then.” Freya did not know any other rich men who lived frugally like him. “I can lend you a million dollars.” “Okay. I’ll see how he reacts first. Worst comes to worst, I’ll return him the million dollars. I’ll pay you back slowly.” Catherine lost the mood to continue shopping after that. She did not want to bump into those two mean women again.   .