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Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Chapter 1


“\N\n…\n\nBy the time Freya rushed to the S1897 pub, Catherine had finished a bottle of red wine by herself.” \n\nCatherine had just returned home from a business trip, only to find her long-lost sister, Rebecca Jones, sitting with her boyfriend Ethan Lowe on the couch. \n\nNow, it turns out that Ethan was dating Rebecca, which would then make Catherine the laughingstock. \ n \ nThen wiping away her tears, Catherine turned away with her suitcase without looking back, I always considered Catherine as my sister, that's probably why she misunderstood my feelings for her. \ n \ n A resounding slap fell on Catherine Jones . “\n \ nFreya pushed Catherine and pointed at the man sitting in a corner.” \n \ n While hiding the part of her aching face, Catherine looked at her mother incredulously. these people were the people she cared about the most, but every one of them sided with Rebecca at the time.


Slap!\n\nA resounding slap landed on Catherine Jones’ face.\n\n“You’ve really let me down.

Your sister has had a rough time out there for more than 20 years, and here you are planning to snatch the man from her.

That’s very shameless of you!” \n\nCovering the part of her face that was aching, Catherine looked at her mother incredulously.

“Mom, Ethan is my boyfriend.

How can you guys be so unreasonable?”\n\nCatherine had just come home after a business trip, only to see her long-lost elder sister, Rebecca Jones, sitting with her boyfriend, Ethan Lowe, on the couch.

Her sister was holding Ethan’s arm and seemed intimate with him.\n\nSeated on the other side of the couch were both Rebecca and Ethan’s parents who were having a pleasant chat with each other.\n\nIn fact, Ethan was Catherine’s childhood sweetheart!\n\nShe could not help but come up to Rebecca to question her.

However, she ended up being slapped by her mother in the face right there and then!\n\n“Mom, please stop hitting Cathy.” With an anxious look, Rebecca said, “It’s my fault.

I shouldn’t have come back…”\n\nEthan quickly held her shoulders.

“No, Rebecca.

It’s my fault.

I’ve always treated Catherine as my sister, which is probably why she misunderstood my feelings for her.”\n\nSomething seemed to have exploded in Catherine’s head.

The pain was so terrible that she could barely breathe.\n\nSister?\n\nWhy would he secretly promise her a future together if he only treated her as his sister?\n\nWhy would he always hug her tightly if he only treated her as his sister?\n\n“Shut up!” Catherine found those words unbearable and they were filling her with disgust.\n\n“You’re the one who should shut your mouth.

Is this how you’re supposed to speak to your sister?” Mrs.

Jones told her off sulkily.

“Can’t you just be tolerant of Rebecca, considering that she has gone through 20 years of hardships?”\n \nShocked, Catherine was slightly slack-jawed.\n\nThere had to be some limit on tolerance anyway.

Why should she give up her love? She was not a saint either.\n \nAt that point, Mr.

Jones stood up and told her off glumly as well.

“Are you done? Ethan isn’t into you either.

We still need to discuss Rebecca’s engagement party now.

Get lost.

You’re such an eyesore here.”\n\nCatherine trembled and glanced at Ethan who was indifferent toward her.

She then glanced at Rebecca who was clinging to him.\n\nAll of a sudden, she felt like an object of ridicule.\n\nThese people were the ones she cared most about, yet every one of them was taking Rebecca’s side at that moment.\n \nTears were seen streaming down her face.\n\nAfter wiping away the tears, Catherine turned around and left with her suitcase without looking back.\n\nShe sped through the journey once she got into the Maserati.\n\nNot knowing where to go, she stopped and called her best friend, Freya Lynch.\n\n“Come and have a drink or two.”\n\nHer voice sounded hoarse amid her sobs.

Freya immediately agreed.


I’ll be there in a moment.” \n\n…\n\nBy the time Freya rushed over to S1897 pub, Catherine had already finished one whole bottle of red wine by herself.\n\n“You came at the right time.

Let’s have a drink together.

I’ve ordered a lot.

You’re not allowed to go home until you finish the drinks.”\n\nCatherine tossed Freya a bottle of beer.\n\n“What’s wrong?” It was very rare for Freya to find Catherina behaving in such a manner.

She sympathized deeply with Catherine.

“Where’s Ethan? Is he ignoring you?” \n\nAt the mention of Ethan’s name, Catherine felt as if a knife was scraping her heart.\n\n“He’s ditched me, and he’s going to get engaged to Rebecca.”\n\nFreya gaped.

“What sort of a shitty plot twist is this?”\n\nCatherine briefly told her what happened that evening.\n\nFreya felt a sense of incredulity.

Ethan and Catherine were childhood sweethearts who had established a romantic relationship since high school.\n\nThroughout these years, however, Catherine studied abroad while Ethan was busy with work.

It explained why they had yet to get engaged.\n\nBoth their parents were under no illusions about it.

They also gave their blessings to the couple.\n\nEvery insider knew that the couple would get married sooner or later.\n\nNow, it turned out that Ethan had gotten together with Rebecca, which would then make Catherine a laughing stock.\n\n“This is absurd.

You and Rebecca should be equally important to your parents.

Are your dad and mom out of their minds?”\n\nCatherine clutched the wine bottle.

“They probably feel that Rebecca has suffered too much out there.

Now that she’s back, they just want to give her the best.”\n\nFreya was in a state of disbelief.

“But you’re their daughter too!”\n\nCatherine forced out a smile.\n\n“Hah.

Now that Rebecca has returned, all they care about is Rebecca.\n\n“Since young, they’re the ones who wanted to marry me off to Ethan.

Now that I’m treating the matter seriously, they’re calling me immature.\n\n“Also, Ethan promised to be with me forever, yet he has changed his mind just like that.

I hate him…”\n\nToward the end of her sentence, Catherine began to choke.

Holding the bottle, she took a few gulps of wine and tasted her tears in her mouth as well.

At that moment, she started feeling a little dizzy.\n\n“Don’t drink too much.

You have a poor stomach.

You’ll feel uncomfortable if you drink too much.”\n\nFreya grabbed Catherine’s bottle to divert her attention from it.

After that, she glanced around the pub.\n\nNever did she expect to see a familiar figure.\n\n“Hey, look there!”\n\nFreya gave Catherine a push and pointed to the man who was sitting at a corner.

\n\nDespite the dim glow at that corner, the man was faintly visible.

He wore a suit which was inappropriate for the occasion.

\n\nThe man had his eyes closed and was leaning against the couch, giving off an aura of brilliance.

When the rotating spotlight shone on him from time to time, he looked so attractive that his face was just like the perfect side profile one often saw in comic books.

\n\nAfter a glimpse, Catherine averted her eyes from him.

“No matter how attractive he is, I’m in no mood to enjoy anything that’s pleasant to the eye right now.”\n\n“I’m trying to tell you that the man is Ethan’s uncle.”\n\nCatherine was momentarily stunned.

“Are you sure?”\n\nEthan previously mentioned that he had a mysterious uncle.

However, his uncle managed a company in a foreign country, so she had never seen him.\n\nA few days ago, she heard that his uncle had returned.\n\n“Yeah, I’m very sure.

My brother told me when we attended a cocktail party the other day.

I heard he’s not very old and he’s a capable man.


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