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Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill Author: Shallow South Chapter 50


No attorneys showed up in court wearing masks. Smith had no words to respond to the man's indifference. " Shaun took a few steps forward, teeth clenched in anger, top actresses always biting down on the man they loved so much. He felt like rushing through the door to tear the woman to pieces. “Bite as hard as I love you.


“That’s enough.

You can attack me but not all women.” “So what if I am?” Shaun replied, looking at Catherine with disdain. “You…” Agitated, she dashed forward to wrap her arms around his neck. He was genuinely shocked by her unexpected and sudden action. Join (Let me go, Mr.

Hill) Telegram Group For Fast Update Was this woman trying to force a kiss on him? The image of her supple lips popped into his mind.

He hesitated for a couple of seconds before he felt a pang of pain on his cheeks. She had just bitten him. He pushed her away forcefully while his hand flew to cover the spot bitten by her. Was she a dog? It freaking hurt. “Catherine, how dare you? Don’t think I’m not going to punish you for this.” The man’s eyes were like flames of fire.

Catherine quivered after realizing how ridiculous she acted earlier. “Um… I can explain this.

It’s because I… I love you too much,” she said in an exaggerated voice, “Have you not seen it in the movies before? Lead actresses always bite the man they love so much.

I was just trying to leave an imprint on you.” Shaun took a few steps forward, his teeth clenched in anger.

“Do you take me as a fool?” “Well, you can bite me back.” Catherine braced herself and inched her face closer to the man.

“Bite as hard as you love me.

The deeper the love, the stronger the force.” “…” He had not felt like swearing at this moment than at any point in his life. Did she really think he would let her off the hook? He sandwiched her head between his palms and bit her hard on the cheek. The woman’s soft cheek was bouncy and supple like jelly.

He did not want to move his lips away. “Ouch!” She yelled in pain. Finally, after seeing the teeth prints on her chubby cheeks, he let go of his grip. “Remember this punishment.” Catherine pretended to be shy despite the pain.

“No, this is the proof of your love.” “Dream on.” Shaun laughed sarcastically before walking into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him. The reflection on the mirror showed evident teeth prints on his own cheek.

He felt like rushing through the door to shred that woman into pieces. Damn it. He could wear a mask, but he had to be at court today. No attorney showed up at the court wearing masks. Annoyed, he only had a few bites of breakfast before leaving home. She sighed internally upon seeing the leftovers. Oh no, she had infuriated the devil again.

Why was he so angry anyway? The teeth prints on her cheek were more prominent than his! … Melbourne Court. 9 a.m. Ding.

The elevator door opened.

Shaun walked out of it wearing a mask.

Hadley trailed behind him closely. Mr.

Smith, the plaintiff, hurried forward to greet them.

“Attorney Hill, this is the last day of trial.

The current situation is not looking favorable to me.

Will I lose—” “I’ve never lost.” Shaun’s tone was distant and impatient.


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