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Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 1157 Directly added to the blacklist

"No, I can't just sit around and wait for it to happen. " Norah gripped the palm of his hand, his eyes bursting with gut-wrenching sinister venom, "Amber there, I can't get down there immediately for now, but THE Kampwerth family, I don't have to worry about that. " "Norah, what do you want to do?” Mrs. Jones looked at her in horror. Norah evil hook lips, "Do not worry mom, the Kampwerth family does not want to marry with Jared, then I let them the Kampwerth family completely to stop this idea, Jared can only be my, no one can snatch away, wait, wait for the day of this shopping mall banquet, the Kampwerth family will not dare to mess with the idea. The Kampwerth family won't dare to play around anymore. " After saying that, Norah ignored Mrs. Jones and walked quickly upstairs. After going upstairs, she immediately took out her cell phone, flipped out a phone number that she read almost every day abroad, which had been deeply engraved in her bones and soul, and could not forget no matter what, gently stroked it, then took a deep breath and dialed the number. During the call, her heartbeat became fast and her little face was flushed, turning back to her cute and shy appearance, no longer able to see the twisted and gloomy look she had before, downstairs. At this time, Norah, is completely a kind of little daughter secretly contact the beloved, nervous shy look. In fact, she did contact her sweetheart. She hasn't seen or contacted her sweetheart in seven years. So now when she makes contact, she is subconsciously nervous and shy, and even has some timidity and fear. The timid thing, how will you talk to Jared yourself later.

They haven't seen each other for seven years. She called him, shouldn't he be happy to pick up? How could she hang up on her? Norah's lower lip was deadly scared, her eyes were red, and there was a mist of water filling her eyes. No, she had to call again

. Maybe Jared just accidentally pushed down the hang-up button and didn't mean to not answer her call? Yes, that must be it, that must be it! Norah, as if crazy, told herself this in her heart, while her hands did not stop moving, and once again called Jared. However, this time the display is not being dialed interface, but a cold mechanical female voice: "Hello, the number you have dialed is on hold, please dial again "Ah!" Norah couldn't listen to it anymore and slammed the phone out with a face full of anger. She was blacked out! Jared, blacked her out! She could never believe that it was such a coincidence that someone would call Jared at this time. After all, their just call are through, this time call again, it became a call, which there is such a coincidence? This can only mean that she was blackballed by Jared. "O0000000000 . " Norah couldn't take it anymore and curled up on the bed, hugging her knees and whimpering. All of this is unknown to Amber and Jared. But even if they knew, they wouldn't care. To them, Norah is just a passing visitor, not to be taken seriously at all. What's more, Norah has offended them, and they care even less. "Gee, young master, Miss. Reed, you've finally arrived. " Jared and Amber walked through the front door of the old mansion arm in arm, and were greeted by Mrs. Murphy's joyful approach. Mrs. Murphy came to the two of them, looking at the picture of the two of them intimately holding hands, her mouth couldn't even close, "Just now the old lady was saying how you guys haven't arrived yet, and asked me to come out to take a look, but I didn’t expect you guys to arrive as soon as I came out, this is really great. " Amber also looked at Mrs. Murphy and smiled, "Sorry Mrs. Murphy, there was some traffic on the road, so I came a little late, bothered you and grandmother to wait so long, also hard for you to come out to pick up. " "What's the matter, well young master, Miss. Reed, let's get inside, dinner is ready and the old lady is already waiting for you. " Mrs. Murphy waved and urged. Jared took Amber's hand and followed behind Mrs. Murphy. The three of them soon arrived at the dining room, and as soon as they entered, they saw the old lady who was sitting at the main table waiting for them. When the old lady saw Amber, she smilingly stood up and walked towards Amber with her cane. Amber saw this, rushed to let go of Jared's hand, quickly step forward, and hold the old lady, "Grandma, what are you doing, I just came and can't run, what if you fall like this?" She said as she helped the old lady reappear toward the main seat. The old lady smilingly patted the back of Amber's hand, "No, I've hardly left this mansion for most of my life, I can find my way with my eyes closed, I won't fall down, I'm not happy to see Amber for a long time. ” "Me too, I haven't seen my grandmother for a long time, so I'm happy to see her today. " Amber helped the old lady to sit down and smiled back. The old lady sat down and patted the seat beside her, "Amber, sit here and tell me about how you've been doing?" "Good. " Amber was not polite, and sat down graciously, pouring water for the old lady while smiling and telling about her life during this time. And the old lady has been smiling at her, patiently listening to her, grandmother and granddaughter-in-law not to mention how harmonious the two. Jared stood in the doorway of the restaurant, eyes a little sultry look at the old man and young woman who had already settled down and forgotten themselves here, thin lips could not help but slightly twitch twice. Have they really forgotten that there is a person like him? And grandmother, you look at Amber so kindly, don't you know that you are the real grandson? .