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Loving You In Secret

Chapter 545

Chapter 545 Alex scowled. “So soon?” He then turned to look at Vicky. ” Vicky, Tyler is here. I'll need to go meet him. ” Vicky's heart sank at the mention of Tyler's name, and she blurted out, “Take me with you. ” He hesitated. “But. ” ‘Take me. ” Alex could never decline Vicky. “Alright, but don’t interfere. This is between me and him, so just leave it to me. ” She nodded with a dark look on her face. ‘Vicky Shaw!” Seeing that Vicky was leaving, Gloria raised her voice

N He then ignored Gloria and turned to Vicky. “Vicky, leave her be. Let’s go

. ” Vicky hesitated for a moment before leaving with him. Since Alex had informed Tyler about the kidnap, there was no point in setting Gloria free, so she decided to observe how Tyler reacted. Vicky did not wait for Tyler in the same room as Alex and was arranged to wait in a conjoining room. Through a unique piece of glass, she could see who was in the other room and hear what they said 10 minutes later, Alex ordered his men to bring Tyler in. Tyler looked towering in his black trench coat, and his intimidating presence instantly filled the room. He scowled when he saw Alex sitting lazily on the couch, and a contemptuous look appeared on his face. “Are your legs. better, Mister Torres?” he asked casually as he glanced at Alex’s legs. “You haven't changed a bit after all these years. ” i Alex gritted his teeth at the contempt on Tyler’s face, but he was not the same reckless man after four years