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Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children

Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children Chapter 461

Chapter 461 The atmosphere in the living room suddenly became freezing. Duke took the box from the tea table and threw it to Mrs. Winters. “Who gave this to you?” Guilt flashed across Mrs. Winters’ eyes, but she pretended to be calm as she said, “A good friend whom I haven’t met for a long time gave it to me. Is there a problem?” “Mom, am I an idiot to you?” Duke sneered. “Earl’ is written on the right corner of the box. That’s been Earl’s habit for many years. He clearly knows that I don’t like you meeting him, vet he still signed his name on the gift box that he gave you. Mom, don’t you understand why he’s doing this?” Mrs. Winters’ eyes began to tear up. She looked at the signature on the gift box, and her voice trembled a little. “Duke, he’s your biological brother. Can’t you just accept him? He’s changed. He’s changed into a good person.

We’re quadruplets, so dad should at least be a twin. ” George’s expression was serious as he said, “But it looks like there’s been a misunderstanding between Dad and his brother because of Grandpa. ” Harold scratched his head

. “Dad made it sound like Grandpa died because of our uncle. This is not a misunderstanding. This is clearly a feud!” George pursed his lips and did not say anything else. kids like them could not interfere with the grudge between the previous generation. They did not go home the night before, but their house looked the same as it did before they left. Adina helped Melody take a shower. Only after she put the girl to bed did she start to clean the living room and the house. Alden obediently took the mop for her. “Mommy, I’ll do it with you. ” Adina suddenly felt sad. If Alden had grown up with the Winters family, many servants would have taken care of him, and he would not have needed to suffer. The more mature and well-behaved Alden was, the more incapable she felt as a mother. “Alden, I’m sorry. ” Adina stroked Alden’s head, and her eyes were full of guilt. Alden raised his head and smiled obediently as he said, “Mom, actually Georgie and Hal envy me and Mel because we were able to live with you for four years, as well as be with you every day. They weren’t able to… Compared with them, Mel and I are clearly happier. Why are you apologizing?” Adina’s heart melted. “My Alden! I must have saved the world in my previous life to give birth to such an obedient and thoughtful son like you. ” Alden looked down. In reality, he was not obedient at all. He had secretly done many things that his mom had forbidden him from doing.