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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Odell stroked her head and said gently, “I was delayed by some stuff. ” “Fine. I’ll forgive you this time. ” He smiled and asked, “Have you and your brother been well behaved at home these days?” “Of course. Liam and I are the best. ” The father and daughter chatted idly. The air was many times more relaxed than when they were in the car. Sylvia’s expression also gradually relaxed, but she still avoided him from afar. Then, Isabel’s stomach suddenly rumbled. She pouted and whined to Sylvia, “Mommy, I’m hungry. ” Sylvia asked, “What do you want to eat? I’ll cook for you. ” “I want to eat noodles. Mommy, please cook more!” “Sure. ” Sylvia did not want to see Odell anyway, so she turned around and went into the kitchen. sino Not long after she entered, Aunt Tonya also came in.

” Sylvia’s body instantly froze. ‘Oh, Aunt Tonya, not only does Odell already know but he’s even locked Thomas up. ’ She lowered her head silently and focused on making the noodles

. However, when she was cutting the vegetables, she accidentally sliced her finger. The skin broke, and bright red blood flowed out. Before she could react, Aunt Tonya exclaimed in fear and pushed her out of the kitchen. Sylvia did not want to go out, but she could not resist and had to leave the kitchen. In the living room, Odell was sitting on the sofa with Isabel in his arms while Liam was sitting beside him. Perhaps because they heard Aunt Tonya’s yell, they all looked over when Sylvia came out. “Mommy, what’s wrong?” Isabel asked with a crisp voice. Sylvia put her hands behind her back, avoided Odell’s gaze, and said to Isabel and Liam, “I’m fine. ” Then, she went around them to the other end of the living room where the first aid box was kept. She took out the antiseptic solution from the box, cleaned the wound, and wrapped the Band-aid around her finger. “Mommy, what happened to your hand?” Liam’s childish voice suddenly sounded. Sylvia turned her head to see him standing behind her with his small eyebrows furrowed. Her gaze flickered, and she said with a smile, “I accidentally cut my finger when I was chopping the vegetables earlier. It’s just a small cut, so don’t worry. ” Liam was still frowning. At that moment, Isabel ran over. She heard the conversation between Sylvia and Liam earlier. She ran to Sylvia, looked at her finger, and said with a pout, “Mommy, how could you be so careless?” 1 Sylvia quickly assured them, “I’ll be more careful next time.