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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife Chapter 680

Chapter 680 Under the light, his handsome face was instantly covered with a layer of gloom.   “Don’t you already know whether or not I’m a man from that night’s experience?” Odell took one step forward to her and raised his hand as if to break her neck.   Sylvia paled as she instinctively wanted to step back. He grabbed her by the collar, his gaze cold as he approached her. “Or do you want to experience it again?”  Her legs went weak at once. At that moment, Thomas approached them. He stood weakly beside her as he said to Odell,” I’m the one who developed feelings for Sylvia, and I was the one who took the initiative to pursue her. Just come at me if you’re unhappy, but please don’t bully her again!”  ‘What is he saying?  ‘If I’m unhappy, of course I’ll take it out on him. I’m not stupid!’ Odell frowned and narrowed his cold eyes at Thomas. “You’d better get out of the way now, or I’ll break your arm. ”  Thomas stood unmoving. “I’ll get out of the way if you want to, but let go of Sylvia first. ”  Odell narrowed his eyes.   In the next second, he started to lift his leg. However, before he could raise his leg, the woman in front of him pounced on him.

Sylvia’s arms around him instantly trembled. Odell looked at her grimly. She pursed her lips and continued to keep her arms tightly locked around him

. He snorted and laughed before glancing at Thomas, whose face was so pale that he seemed about to collapse from anger. Then, he asked her, “What did you mean when you said I was imprisoning him?” Sylvia was shocked. “You don’t understand?” Odell looked at her with dark eyes. “Should I understand?” “Why are you still pretending?” Odell was speechless. What was he pretending? She said bluntly, “I saw two bodyguards when I came over. You told them to guard this place, didn’t you?” His expression did not change. “Yes, I did. ” Sylvia rolled her eyes. “Exactly. ” Odell’s heart was stunned for a moment.   ‘What did she mean by that?’ His expression was filled with confusion.   Sylvia snorted in anger as she thought, ‘What’s that face supposed to mean? Is he still trying to deny it?’  She bluntly said, “They’ve been watching over Thomas, you forbade him from going out, and even chased away his housekeeper and chef. The meals that have been sent to him three times a day are all of poor quality. Weren’t all those done on your orders? .