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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife Chapter 681

Chapter 681 Odell frowned. “Who told you that?”  Sylvia glared at him. “You don’t have to concern yourself with that. Tell me, was it you who did it?”  Odell’s expression turned grim.   Before he could utter his reply, Thomas’ feeble voice sounded from further away, “Sylvia, calm down. Maybe Odell doesn’t know about this, maybe it’s those people who set this up. ”  Odell was baffled  “Those men only listen to Odell. It would be impossible that they would have set this up themselves,” Sylvia argued.   “Maybe there’s something going on that we don’t know yet. I don’t think Odell would do something like this,” said Thomas.   Sylvia continued to glare at Odell. “Hmph. Then you have underestimated your brother. He’s capable of doing anything. ” That night, he had ravaged her in all ways possible.

Then, he shouted out into the thin air, “Come out!”  I’wo bodyguards then emerged from the shadows.   Odell glared at Thoinas. “Hold him down and beat him to death!”  “Yes, sir!” The bodyguards answered and walked to Thomas to pin bin down  Sylvia cried inimediately

. “Stop it!”  The bodyguards instinctively froze. Sylvia then looked at Odell and pleaded, “Odell, Thomas hasn’t eaten anything for two days. They will kill him if they really beat him up. I just came here to visit him. I had no intentions of continuing anything with him. Please just let him go, I beg you!” Odell choked on his own emotions as he felt something seem to suffocate his chest. The words that Thomas had said to her sounded very much like words to separate them. Not only was Sylvia’s trust in Thomas so unwavering, but now, she was even begging him because of his brother. Had she lost her mind or had her feelings for Thomas shrouded her judgment? Moments later, Odell bellowed, “Just do it!” The bodyguards each gave Thomas a kick. Thomas grunted painfully and fell to the ground. Sylvia was horrified. Her eyes widened in fear as she grabbed his collar, begging him with teary eyes. “Odell, stop it! Let him go, you’re going to kill him!” Odell remained silent.   The two bodyguards continued to beat Thomas up.   Sylvia was so afraid that Thomas would die because of her that her tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. She continued to beg Odell, “Odell, I won’t see him anymore, please, I promise. Just tell them to stop!” Odell furrowed his brows but refused to answer. The bodyguards continued to beat Thomas since they only took orders from Odell. As her anxiety built up, she shouted at Odell, “Odell, I’ll have sex with you! I’ll sleep with you one more time! Please just tell them to stop!”  “Stop!” .