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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife

Chapter 836

Chapter 836 Isabel puffed up her cheeks and pondered. She seemed to take the task very seriously. “Flint. ” It was Liam who said this. Odell, Sylvia, and Isabel turned to him collectively. Sylvia asked him with a smile,“Liam, why do you want to name your brother Flint?” Liam looked at his baby brother who was sleeping soundly and remarked, “His eyes are dark like coal. I thought Flint would be a nice name. ” Sylvia smiled and gave her blessings. “Okay, let’s call him Flint. ” Sylvia’s body was still rather weak. She had breakfast, went to the bathroom, then chatted with everyone for a while before falling asleep with Flint next to her. Seeing that her mother and her new brother were sleeping together, Isabel wanted to crawl into the bed and sleep with them, but Odell stopped her. He took her into his arms and patted Liam’s small shoulder with the other. “Come on out. Your brother and mother need some rest.

He promptly informed her, “Get some rest in the next room. I'll watch over them. ” Aunt Tonya suggested cautiously,”You barely slept last night

. You should get some sleep while I watch over them. ” ‘I’m not sleepy,” he said as he plopped himself down on a chair. Aunt Tonya had no choice but to leave. The room became quiet. After sitting for a while, he leaned closer to Sylvia and planted a kiss on her forehead. Sylvia was awakened by the cry of the baby. When she opened her eyes, she saw Odell standing in front of the bed holding Flint in his arms. It seemed like he was trying to get him to stop crying but had no clue how to achieve that. He wore a tight frown and whispered, “Don’t cry. ” Flint suddenly zipped his mouth, but only moments after that immediately broke out into a tremendous cry again. Odell was speechless. Chapter 836 AIA Sylvia was afraid that Odell would hit the child, so she hurriedly said to him,”He’s hungry. Quick, give him to me. ” Noticing that Sylvia was awake, Odell put the baby in front of her. Sylvia immediately unbuttoned her clothes but stopped abruptly when she was halfway through. She turned to Odell who was still standing idly beside the bed and mentioned, “I’m going to breastfeed Flint. Can you go outside for a while?” Odell frowned and seemed displeased by this. Sylvia had to compromise. “Well, just turn around. ” He darted a glance at her chest and proceeded to turn around. With that, Sylvia continued unbuttoning her shirt. The boy instantly fell silent. After he was full, he fell asleep again. Sylvia gently set the boy down beside her. “Is he full?” Odell asked, his voice heavy with bass. Sylvia turned in the direction of his voice and noticed that he had turned around at some point without her noticing. Her face flushed red and she reprimanded him angrily, “Who told you to turn around?” Odell narrowed his eyes harshly.