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Master Odell’s Secret Ex-Wife

Chapter 992

Chapter 992 Sylvia stared at the empty plates in silence. “Syl? Why aren’t you saying anything?” Sherry looked at her cautiously. “Sherry, is it true that John doesn’t feed you? Did he also force you to do all this embroidery work?” Sylvia asked coldly. Sherry’s expression froze. “No, no. I would have starved to death if he didn’t feed me. I'm doing embroidery to pass the time. ” ‘What about your phone? Did he confiscate it?” Sylvia asked. Sherry pursed her lips and she started to get teary. Sylvia’s brows furrowed. She got up and sat beside her friend. ” Sherry, please tell me the truth or I'll be angry. ” Sherry hugged her friend around the waist and wept. “That b* stard is inhuman! He eats like a king every day but feeds me leftovers! I haven’t even eaten any meat in such a long time! ‘He even forced me to sew all this nonsense. I have to sew ten of these each week.

Master Stockton made it clear that if you behaved, you would get to eat. You even ate a whole pork knuckle the other day!” Sherry’s weeping paused, and she glared at the maid. “Are you asking for a beating?” The maid immediately stepped back, but she refused to stay quiet

. She said, ‘Mrs. Carter, please talk some sense into her. I've tried everything. Master Stockton wouldn't do this if she could follow orders or be less rebellious . She brought this all upon herself. ” ‘You little piece of shit! I must be treating you a little too well. ” Sherry instantly bolted up and rushed over. She was looking particularly energetic now that she had just eaten well. The maid immediately ran away. Sherry chased the maid to the entrance before the bodyguards stopped her. She put her hands on her hips and yelled at the fleeing maid, “You better not come back or I’ll slap you to death!” Sylvia watched in silence. Sherry returned after a while and sat beside her friend with her head down. “Sigh. I have only sewn three this week. I have seven more to go. ” She continued embroidering the ugly lily on the white cloth. Sylvia went back to her seat and asked, “Do you need any help?” “No. That b*stard doesn’t allow me to get any help. If he finds out, I'll have to sew another ten. ” Sylvia tightened her lips. Time went by. The sun had set over the horizon by the time they returned to the living hall. Sylvia continued to watch Sherry sew. Previous Chapter Next Chapter .