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Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 1150 Looks like he still has some reservations

It rained outside the window at some point, and the fine raindrops smashed on the glass, making a dull knocking sound one after another. All the heat piled up inside the house, and it was all humid between breaths. Winnie climbed helplessly onto Channing's shoulders with her hands and leaned back into the couch, allowing his lips to travel around her collarbone. Everywhere she went, her fingertips trembled. Fingers unconsciously curled and clenched. Channing kissed the corner of her lips as he picked her up and headed for the bedroom. The feeling of her body suddenly vacating makes her unconsciously, clench his moon want. Channing paused in his steps. Realizing what she had done, Winnie tried to step back when Channing grabbed her back and held her in his arms: "If you move, you're going to fall on the floor. " Winnie didn't say anything, lowering her eyelashes, not even daring to look him in the eye. Back in the bedroom, Channing laid her on the bed and leaned down to look at her, "I thought you said it was okay to wait for Noah to leave. " Winnie looked confused, did she say that. Even if the lights were not on in the bedroom, she felt it, his burning and blunt vision. Winnie couldn't help but look away sideways and move up: "I think . you're remembering it wrong .

He fondled it delicately, not knowing what he was thinking. Winnie probably felt a little itchy and pulled her hand back a little. Channing's lips pursed as he got up and left the room, quickly returning with something

. Winnie slept directly until noon, she just opened her eyes, she felt pain all over her body everywhere, limbs are extremely weak. She raised her hand and rubbed her head, reluctantly sitting up, leaning against the bed and letting out a long breath. Winnie looked around, all this surrounding still retains the traces of Noah lived, including the quilt are his favorite anime characters. When she thought about what she had done to get to sleep here, Winnie really felt a sense of shame that she wanted to get under the bed. Although said last night to drink, but not a lot of drinking, and so a night time, and take the antidote, the second half of the night, the wine has long woken up. Winnie sat on the bed for a while, gradually calmed down, lifted the covers and prepared to get out of bed, but her feet just stepped on the floor and fell into the bed again. It turns out that what people say about not being able to get out of bed is true . The last time he only came back, she was at best sore and able to walk and run. It seems he still has some reservations. Twenty year old boys are really . young and energetic. Winnie sat on the edge of the bed with her knees in her arms, her hands covering her face in remorse. Not long after, the bedroom door was opened. Winnie looked up in a hurry, her eyes mixed with dismay: "You . didn't you go to the office?" Channing walked in, "No, I worked late last night and should be able to rest today. " Winnie: ". He is in charge, so of course he can rest when he says so. Channing stood in front of her, leaned down slightly, gazed at her, and said slowly, "Lunch is ready. " Winnie couldn't help but tilt her head back a little: "You . you eat first, I'm not hungry. " "Not hungry?" This off-the-cuff reason is indeed a bit silly. Winnie simply turned around and pulled the covers over her head, saying vaguely, "I'm still a little sleepy, you can eat, don't mind me. " How could she say such a humiliating thing as her feet trembling on the ground! Channing watched her shrink herself into a ball, the corners of her lips slowly lifting. It wasn't until the sound of the door closing that Winnie breathed a sigh of relief, pulling the covers off and breathing in the fresh air. Her gaze inadvertently fell on her wrist and she slightly tilted her head. How does she remember that she took the wrist guard off last night when she took a shower? Or did you misremember? I was too sleepy last night, my brain was groggy, and I don't know if I really took it, or if I put it on again in a trance. Without waiting for Winnie to think back carefully, the door opened again. She hastily pulled up the quilt again to cover her head. Soon, footsteps stopped by her bedside. Channing placed the tray on the bedside table and said, "Get up and eat. " Winnie squeezed her eyes shut and didn't answer. If she pretended to be asleep, he shouldn't have called her again. Sure enough, it was quiet outside. Winnie quietly opened her eyes and tried to focus on the movement outside. However, at that moment, the covers were pulled back and she was caught off guard by Channing's clear, dark eyes with a smile. Winnie tried to close her eyes again but it was too late. Channing sat on the edge of the bed, his tone unhurried: "So you're not asleep. " Channing took her arm and lifted her up so she was leaning against the bed, "Eat your meal before you go to sleep. " Winnie wanted to say no, but he had already turned around and picked up the dishes, with a tendency to feed her. Winnie didn't know where the strength came from and hurriedly took it from him, I do it myself. " Channing didn't say anything, just looked at her, "Does your head still hurt?" Winnie took a bite of rice, shook her head, and immediately nodded again, "Yes cee there is a little dizziness. " The next second, Channing's hand was on her forehead. He said, "Maybe a little cold, I'll go out and get you some medicine. " Winnie sniffed and immediately sat up a few moments: "Wait a while, I'll go out with you and take a walk on the way, maybe it will be better. ” She had to go shopping for one. Channing said, "Okay, let's eat first. " After a night of tossing and turning, Winnie was really hungry and ate all the rice in the bowl without a word. Channing took the dishes and put them on the tray, "Go back to sleep, we'll go out when you wake up. " Winnie had eaten by now and had regained a bit of strength, much better than just now: "I'll go change and we'll be ready to go.