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My Paranoid Lover

My Paranoid Lover Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Committed Suicide? I reached the company and started the meeting. Lance was on his seat looking annoyed while Lawrence reported. He kept yawing. “Why are you so sleepy? I thought you always sleep early?” Lance scolded. Lawrence was woken up by me last night to pick me up, that must be why he was so tired. I felt guilty. Lawrence put down the sketch in his hands and stared at Lance. He then said word by word: “I went to save a lady last night. She was abandoned by a male friend in the middle of the road in the night, do you agree that this is call saving someone else’s life?” I was shocked that Lawrence would speak to Lance this way, he was Lance’s worker! Wasn’t he afraid that Lance would fire him for defending me? Lance fiddled with the pen in his hands and smirked. He didn’t got mad. He looked at me and looked back at Lawrence. “Oh? This lady must be very gorgeous for you to get out of bed to save her!” he said. “Yea, Lawrence, share the details! Is she pretty?” the other colleagues started asking. Lawrence’s gaze fell on me and smiled: “Nah, just a friend, she isn’t interested in me don’t simple guess. ” “Seems like it’s one sided then!” another colleague said.

I was angry, upset, annoyed and full of hatred for this man. This man, Lance Mason. I seemed to have surprised him by my words

. He froze and answered: “What are you saying? Hating someone needs efforts, you’re just a toy to me. ” And with that he went into his office. I stood there staring at his back, my hands turning into a fist. What he didn’t know was how much I wanted to kill him right there. I entered my office. My phone rang, it was a stranger’s number. “Hello, is this Ms Gomez?” | raised an eyebrow. “Yes, you are?” “I’m from Hospital of Denmark, is Karen your mother?” Hospital…. I got a bad feeling. “Yes, she is my mom, what happened?” I asked nervously. “Your mom tried to commit suicide, she’s now in the ER. Someone left this number for us to dial. Please come over as soon as you can. ” My phone dropped from my hands and onto the floor. My mom really tried to kill herself, she wasn’t joking…… .