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My Paranoid Lover

My Paranoid Lover Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Droplet Necklace During the company’s party, Lance even joined his company branch’s staff. He’s rich enough to give out very luxurious gifts for the 20 staff. For the men’s group, the first place comes with a Mercedes Benz sports car. The rest of the place also comes with cars too. As for the female’s group, the first place comes with a 2 million dollars luxurious condominium, the second place is also a house but cheaper, and the third place’s prize was a 10 thousand dollars diamond necklace. The necklace contains a pendant shaped like a droplet, and in the middle of it is diamond. It shines brightly under the light, all the female staff were eyeing the necklace and chatting excitedly about it. To be honest, I’m a girl too so of course I would get excited seeing all these pretty necklace, but then I didn’t want it, because the person giving this out was Lance Mason. The award ceremony carried on and now it’s the female group’s turn. One of my colleagues eyed the necklace and turned t me excitedly. “Jennie, we help each other out later okay? Let’s get those prizes back!” I’ve never seen any company being so generous before, the estimation for the prizes here, I assumed, is nearly up to 100 million dollars! But of course, rich and powerful Lance wouldn’t even care. I shook my head: “I don’t think I can make it. ” I sighed. Then I picked up a glass of cocktail and stood beside, watching the ceremony. The emcee spoke up: “Girls, girls! Now, let’s not ruin out own image by fighting over prizes shall we? Let’s make it a lucky draw.

” His words were formal. But to me, it sounded fake. Lance took the necklace from the lady beside us

. He then moved my hair away from my neck gently and put the necklace around my neck from the back. I didn’t know why, but my heart started beating faster. Lance suddenly lowered down his head towards my ear and whispered: “Do you like it?” I froze. Then I turned around and look at him: “Thank you boss, I will work harder for the company!” Lance chuckled and nodded. Then he patted me on the back. “I’m lucky to have a worker like you. ” He said he’s lucky to have me as a worker, not the company is lucky…… he must mean something.