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My Talented Babies & Genius Wife

Chapter 868 She Give Birth to His Children

Freya was worried about Kiki's condition and she was desperate to check how she was doing. But she knew better than to go over to see Kiki, but to call for help from the bodyguards outside the door. She was about to open her mouth and scream for help, but a black shadow rushed up to her like a ghost and covered her mouth and nose so tightly that nothing came out except a whimper. The cold, gleaming knife, pulled out violently from the man’s waist, went viciously towards Freya's neck. Freya was frightened by the situation, but not so much that she was completely discombobulated. She took out a silver needle that she had already prepared and stabbed it unceremoniously into the man's hand. He could not have expected that Freya would have a weapon like a needle in her hands. He was unprepared and was viciously stabbed by her. He felt the pain and his oncoming attack instantly weakened considerably, and Freya saw the right moment to bite him hard on the wrist. Her mouth and nose got instantly free, she practically yelled at the top of her lungs, "Help!" The bodyguards sent by Kieran were all quite agile, and when they heard Freya's cry for help, they pushed open the door and rushed in. The man's hand was still faintly painful. Tonight, he was really determined to finish his mission, after all, he had never put Freya in his eyes, with his skills, it was really extraordinarily easy to kill her with a single stab. But he had never thought that she, a patient, would be so alert. The man was reluctant to let Freya go, but with so many bodyguards rushing in, not only could he not kill Freya, but he might have to implicate Walter as well. So he leapt down from the window.

Quinn's words touched Kiki, but she was clear that he actually loved children, and every time he saw Jaden and Jayla, he couldn't bring all the good things to them. Fortunately, Quinn still has the chance to become a father. However, Kiki did not intend to tell Quinn the good news now; she would give him a big surprise when she was pregnant

. While the hospital has experienced a thrilling experience, the Fitzgerald's house is not quiet. Joanna is fond of hilarity. Not only has she allowed Regina to move to the Fitzgerald’s house, but she has also been letting the two kids live over here recently. Not long after dinner had been served, a harsh scream suddenly sounded from the second floor. It was Regina's voice. At that time, the two kids were chattering with Joanna, land when they heard the scream, they were all startled. Thinking that Regina was still carrying Simon's child inside her belly, Joanna did not dare to delay in the slightest, and with her crutch, she quickly headed upstairs. "It hurts, it hurts . " Regina covered her stomach and rolled on the ground in pain. On her forehead, fine beads of sweat kept seeping out, like she was in great pain. "Regina, what's wrong with you? Don't you scare me!" Joanna quickly stepped forward, she carefully held Regina, "Regina, don't be afraid, I am sending the doctor over. " With that, Joanna hastily glanced at the maid, who understood and hastily called the personal doctor. "Grandma, I . have a tummy ache, my tummy hurts . Regina pitifully covered her stomach. Joanna's face became pale. She had given birth to so many children, so she naturally knew that a pregnant woman's stomach pain was definitely not a good sign. Soon the private doctor arrived and after she had examined Regina, she couldn't help but frown. "You're pregnant, how can you take laxatives? Do you not want the baby in your belly?" "What?" Regina deliberately put on a shocked look, "Doctor, I didn't take laxatives! I was so looking forward to this baby, how could I possibly take laxatives and deliberately hurt my baby?!" "You're lucky that you didn't miscarry after taking such a large portion of laxatives. " The doctor gave Regina a look and continued, "You should be careful about your food!" "Laxatives?!" Joanna was startled, then she understood something, turned her face coldly and barked at the servants, "What the hell is going on here? How did you serve Regina? How could she have taken laxatives?" .