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Secretly The Billionaire Boss

Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Help It was afternoon, and Aphrodite and Grey were having lunch And as Aphrodite wanted, there were a lot of side dishes on the table. Grey smiled softly. "Would you be touring around the street in my absence?" Aphrodite nodded once. "Yes, I got a call from one of my friends that said she would be visiting this town. And guess what? She's around already. So, we are going to tour the whole place. " Grey nodded once "That's actually good. It means you won't be bored till I come back. I will be back tonight actually. The moment I'm done, I will return," he promised. Aphrodite smiled. “It's ok. Just take your time. I will be fine here. Though, I expect you to divide the men. Some of the men must follow you back to the city. We can't risk anything. Grey smile widened. “Alright, thank you. " "So," Aphrodite took a scoop of ice cream. "Tell me, what is happening with Alex and his men? Are the men truly here with the evidence? Is Maximo going to be in any kind of trouble?” “Fortunately, no. Alex is stalling. He's only working hard towards making sure that Giovanni wins this award. And this is exactly what we are working trying to avoid. And as for the men, they are here to confirm if Italy's billionaire club would be participating in the contest or not. We've ruled ourselves out temporarily," he laughed. "I can imagine how calm Giovanni would be when he hears the news. He would believe anyways because there would be no evidence he would pin on us. Everything would be perfect," he explained. Aphrodite nodded once. "But I still have some questions to ask. How do you intend on handling Alex? Are you really working towards that?" “Yes, I am. I plan to make Alex get arrested by the police but that would be after the announcement,"he hesitated, as if imagining it. "I will have so much power if I'm elected as the king of the world. I'm going to use that power like Giovanni would,"he revealed

I mean she has gotten more beautiful but it was just impossible that she was suddenly in Italy at the same time that you are. Amazing right?" Grey scoffed. "I know, Charles

. We saw each other two nights again and it's the reason why I am currently on my way to the suite. " "What!"Charles exclaimed softly. "Are you saying that Avery knows you are in Italy and that you are alive? No shit!"Grey laughed at this. "No. She doesn't know I'm Grey. Maximo had to come up with another name for me. " Charles went mute for a moment. He was shocked beyond measure. "This is crazy, Grey. Do you mean that Maximo was in this with you? But why are you on your way to see her if she doesn't know it's you? Are you sure she doesn't know?" "She doesn't but Maximo said she's reminded of me. Anyways, she only wants me to work for her because she's bringing up a branch here in Italy,"he explained. “I'm only ,! going to meet with her for a few minutes and let her know that I'm not interested. "Charles chuckled. "Ok, this makes a lot of sense. Anyways, is Aphrodite around already? Did you guys decide to cut the vacation short or what?" "No, I'm returning tonight. The vacation continues. I will see you when I do. " “Alright, take care. "And the line went off. It was a few minutes after seven when Grey got out of the car. Maximo already texted him the room number of the room '¢ Because it was very late, there were a lot of cars parked in the parking space and people were walking in and out. On second thought, Grey decided against going to Avery's suite and decided to ask Maximo for her number. He could call her and tell her to come to the bar so they could discuss. Just as he veered from his initial direction towards a secluded part of the hotel building, three men walked past him. One of them was carrying a big bag on his shoulder. A big bag that would have been mistaken for a human being because of how big it was. He dialled Maximo''s number but it wasn't available. Grey decided to move further away. He hadn't taken more than two more steps when his eyes caught a red shoe lying suspiciously on the floor. The fact that it was there was disturbing and the fact that strange- looking men just walked past him a few minutes ago carrying a bag that looked like a human being. Everything connected quickly. He may not know who the woman was but he felt like someone needed his help