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Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

Chapter 14 : It's Now or Never

However, I wasn’t alone for long.Night fell quickly over the pack, and soon after Estrella left the room, I heard a knock on the door.“Miss Rosalie, can we come in?”It was Mrs. White again, with two other young girls.“Of course, please!” I replied politely. I was still not used to being served.One of the younger girls placed some salad in front of me. The doctor’s order had to be followed, so I started eating while watching the rest of the group working on my room. Like last time, they lit the candles, ran the hot water, and added flower petals.Mrs. White noticed that I had put down my plate, so she walked over to help me get into the bath“I… may I do it myself?” I asked Mrs. White with as much courage as I could muster.“Miss Rosalie, it’s our job to prepare you…”“I insist. Please?”I wanted to do this on my own. It just didn’t feel right having other women get me ready to lose my virginity.Mrs. White hesitated for a moment. Then she nodded her head and closed the bathroom door for me.A sigh of relief left me.Walking toward the bathroom, I took offl me off. Walking toward the window, I reached for the handle to open it –– Then stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the door behind me open and close.I knew he was there without having to turn around.His warm gaze on my back drew me in, and, slowly, I turned to face him. His piecing blue eyes looked over my body, and I couldn’t help but take him in as well.Gray sweatpants hung low on his hips, and no shirt covered the rippling muscles of his body that cried out for me to run my fingers over them. I had seen him before, but never like I was seeing him now.His casual outfit made him seem more relaxed, and a lot less intimidating. He stepped closer to me, slowly – and as he did, I saw him for the man he was.Powerful, and yet there was something else… A desire… A confidence that I wasn’t afraid of.