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Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

Chapter 27 : He Was Kissing Me

I was lost in the way he was kissing me. I felt frozen in time, and the only thing that I was aware of was how he was touching me– how he was holding me. He was impacting me more than I could understand, but I wanted it all. Time had stopped in that moment, and, for once, I never wanted it to start again. I wasn’t sure how I got into the room; Ethan’s hands roaming my body captured all my attention. His fingers worked at the zipper on my dress as my hands pulled his jacket from his body. Our frenzied motions caused a sort of electricity to run from his body to mine. I didn’t know how to explain the feelings he was stirring up in me. As my dress fell to the floor, he pulled back and looked at me. The black lace bra and panties I had been wearing were the only pieces of clothing upon my body, and even though I had been bared to him before, I couldn’t help but feel shy beneath his gaze.

Little by little, he was changing the way he acted toward me. Perhaps it was because I was going to be carrying his child. In my wildest dreams, though, I hoped it was something else

. I wanted more than anything to understand, but perhaps relishing the moments was better than trying to decipher everything Ethan did.