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Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

Chapter 29 : A Journey with Him

When Talon told me about going to the capital, I was worried.At least within Ethan’s pack I was safe, and I had gotten used to my routine schedule. I didn’t have much of an idea what would happen in the capital, but I had a feeling I would need to interact with the Poldesse pack, which really made me nervous.Sighing, I zipped up the third bag I’d been forced to pack and turned to face Vicky, who was still going through my closet.“Is all this really necessary?” I asked her. “I mean, they aren’t going to want me around. I’m no one.”I was once again being forced to do something I didn’t want to do. I was a breeder... Not a tagalong sex slave.“Yes, Rosalie,” She replied throwing more stuff into a duffle bag, “it’s all necessary.”I sit on the bed, staring at the ceiling. “Maybe you can get him to change his mind. I don’t want to go, Vicky. It isn’t safe for me there.”“Rosalie, you were ordered to do something. I can’t change his mind– and honestly, he hasn't been in the best temper lately, so I wouldn’t want to upset him,” Vicky mumbled.I looked at her for a moment, and then we both let out a small laugh.“When is he ever in a good mood?” Ing by, it was the sudden realization that I was nothing that killed me. I was what I was, and I had to learn to accept my position.‘Rosalie, you’re just a breeder,’ I told myself. ‘Get it together.’Time went by quickly when I finally was able to dive into my book, and before I knew it, the driver was letting Ethan know that we were close to the capital’s gates.“Alpha, ten more minutes before we get to downtown Mirage,” the man said after what seemed like an eternity of being in close proximity to Ethan.Sitting up, I decided to ignore anything else Ethan would possibly have to say. He made it clear where we stood with each other, and I needed to remind myself of my own place.I closed my book and glanced out the window. A gasp left my lips.A tall building of white stone towered like a mountain in the distance. The gold and marble accents on it highlighted just how powerful the king was.Never in my life had I actually met him myself, but I had heard stories of how he was more ruthless than even Ethan was.