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Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

Chapter 35 : Arranged Marriage

**Talon’s POVFury filled me with what Madalynn had done. And I couldn’t believe my sister had been so stupid as to allow Rosalie to go to the bathroom alone.“Talon!”Georgia’s sweet and sultry voice floated around me, and my wolf howled in pleasure, wanting to claim her already.Yes, she was my mate, and I had known for a long time— but that made the situation more complicated.She wasn’t twenty-one yet, and had no idea. Not to mention, she was Ethan’s sister.Things had been fine when she was gone, but now constantly being around her was making it increasingly hard for me to focus.Slowly, I turned around and was faced with her incredible beauty.She was a little goddess to me, but I had to maintain my older-brother-like image with her. Could life be more difficult?“Yes, Georgia?”“This wasn’t Vicky’s fault. That stupid b*tch Madalynn deserves to be punished!”Her fiery nature enamored me even more. I knew how she felt. I wanted Madalynn punished, too— but unfortunately, it was easier said than done.“I know, Georgia. But it can’t happen–” I sighed. I wanted to be closer to her, but I forced myself to maintain the comfortable space between us. “Ethan began to explain. “it seems Miss Rosalie had a very harsh run in with Miss Madalynn. It ended up landing her in the infirmary, but she is expected to make a full recovery.”Romero approached his trembling daughter, ready to slap her again.“Father—” she pleaded with tears in her eyes. “I–... It was a misunderstanding.”“Enough,” James said, halting Romero. “It sounds to me the situation has been handled and will not happen again.”“Agreed, it won’t happen again,” Ethan snarled.Then he turned his attention from Madalynn to James.