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Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

Chapter 37 : Cravings

“Rosalie, it isn’t that bad!” Georgia laughed as I stared at the green goop that had been given for me to eat. “Do I have to eat that?” I replied, wide-eyed, as I let it drop from the spoon back into the bowl. I looked up at Vicky and Georgia, bewildered at the amusement they found in the situation. “Estrella said it’s a protein pudding, and filled with nutrients—”“Yeah, so is real food,” I protested in a voice only I could hear. I put the bowl down and picked up the orange juice sitting on the tray. “Am I not allowed to have real food? Bacon, eggs– something. ”Georgia burst into laughter again, shaking her head. “You’d better listen, Vicky. Rosalie is the pregnant one, and she knows what her body wants. ”It had been a few days since I had been locked down in my room, and I was going absolutely stir-crazy.

Instead, she found it all hilarious. “I’m just glad that Ethan has finally figured out the woman he wants to be with. ”Ethan’s whole bearing changed upon Georgia’s words

. “I have to go,” he rushed out, and then he stormed out of our room. I tried not to read too much into Ethan’s reaction, and changed the subject instead, exclaiming, “Something smells great!”“BACON!” Vicky, and Georgia yelled at the same time in a fit of laughter. Sure enough, as I walked toward the tray and lifted the lid, I saw a massive mound of freshly-cooked bacon. When Ethan said he handled it, he hadn’t been joking. He was making sure to get me everything I wanted. And maybe more in the future….