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Sold as the Alpha King's Breeder

Chapter 38 : The Reaper Takes All Forms

“I want you, Rosalie. ” Ethan’s soft whisper wrapped around me as we lay tangled within the sheets, our bodies molding together in heated passion. “Don’t leave me,” I begged him. Over and over again, he made me come undone around him. The feeling of him sliding in and out of me made my mind spiral. I wanted him– all of him, always. His hands brushing over my bare skin sent shivers through my body. “You are mine forever, Rosalie— and I am forever yours. ”His declaration made the love I have for him grow. I knew there was no way that I would ever get over the way he made me feel.

Did that mean that everything was a lie?Did Vicky and Georgia know about this, too? Were my friendships with them all fake?Estrella. My doctor and confidant… Did she know?And Talon— Talon had known the entire time!The man I trusted with my life knew that Ethan was going to kill me, and he never said anything to me. He let me believe that he cared about me– that they cared about me!How could I forget? They were the Drogomor pack, and there was one and only one that they all obeyed

. Talon wasn’t my protector. He was the reaper, preparing me for the end. And Ethan… He wanted me dead!.