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Son-In-Law Madness

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 We Are DivorcedIndeed, Donald knew of the Wilson family in Tayhaven. It was a powerful organization mainly engaged in real estate development and sales, with many industries under it, including film and television, cosmetics research and development, and pharmaceutical research and development. “In other words, your wife will be a CEO from now on, and her net worth will skyrocket by five to six hundred million overnight. If she dominates the pharmaceutical industry in Pollerton, her net worth will reach two billion within three years,” Hannah explained. “Go on. ” Donald crossed his arms. “The patriarch of the Wilson family, Old Mr. Wilson, is currently on his deathbed and may pass away anytime. His only wish before dying is to reunite the family and accept the eighth branch of the Wilson family back into the fold. However, there is much resistance. His wife is an influential figure in the Wilson family, and she’s exceedingly snobbish. Therefore, it’s not easy to return to the Wilson family in Tayhaven. Hence, your wife currently has a golden opportunity while under tremendous pressure as well,” Hannah continued. Then, she cast a curious glance at him. “Of course, all that isn’t a problem with a single word from you.

“Do you still love her?” Ignoring the question, Donald raised his wine glass. “Cheers. ” They both clinked glasses lightly

. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but the shade of red on Hannah's face deepened. She also became more talkative, and the look in her eyes as she gazed at Donald was tender. Someone like him was a hero in her heart. If it weren't for his contribution during the Holy War a few years back, we wouldn't be enjoying such a peaceful life now. “Hey, Hanny, didn’t you say you had several surgeries tonight? Why are you here?” No sooner had affection started sprouting deep within her than a voice drifted over and interrupted her thoughts. Instantly disgruntled, Hannah snagged a piece of tissue once more and wiped her mouth solemnly. “A fly is here, so let’s go. ” Donald couldn't resist glancing at the approaching man. It was a tall and slender young man in a white shirt and long pants, with a perfect figure and handsome countenance. Right then, he was regarding Hannah in astonishment. A woman was also standing beside Hannah. Donald was all too familiar with that woman. It was none other than Jennifer. The two of them locked gazes before they both averted their eyes. copy right Aunovel .