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Son-In-Law Madness

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 If Donald Campbell Disappears“How’s the progress with your homework?” Theo inquired gently. Jennifer thought for a moment before saying, “At present, there are over three hundred people belonging to the eighth branch of the Wilson family, and they’re from all walks of life. The most successful among them all is Reina Wilson, who owns Caladrius Real Estate. She has a great business vision. Actually, I don’t quite understand this—why did you choose me when she’s far more capable?”She stared into the man’s eyes. Reina was young and had incredible talent in business, developing many projects single-handedly. Hearing that, Leonard, Linda, and Kevin threw frantic looks at her. It was clear as day that they were berating her for being an idiot. A faint smile bloomed on Theo’s face. “Honestly speaking, we sought her out before we approached you. However, she’s very aloof and arrogant. She said that it didn’t matter whether they rejoined the family since the blood relationship was already eighteen generations apart. Besides, she’s not easy to control. You are different. You have no foundation, but we investigated you and found that you’re actually very talented in handling business.

You must dominate Pollerton’s pharmaceutical industry within two years and develop all industries to the best of your ability to generate a revenue of five billion. ” While saying that, Theo’s eyes glittered. He then continued, “If you accomplish that, you'll forever be a part of the Wilson family in Tayhaven

. Otherwise, we'll take back everything. Is there a problem?” Hmm. Generating a revenue of five billion within two years with a start-up capital of five hundred million at most is extremely difficult. Jennifer closed her eyes and pondered long and hard. In the end, she opened her eyes and replied, “Okay. ” A grin split Theo's face. “Actually, you don’t need to worry. Nigel will take care of you. While Pollerton isn’t our territory, we still have much say here. ” However, Jennifer shook her head. “I don’t want to think about relationship matters right now. At once, Kevin was gripped by the urge to smack Jennifer across the face. What? Nigel is such an incredible person, yet you're not at all interested in him? What do you want? Don't tell me you're still yearning for Donald? Theo's eyes narrowed into slits, and a layer of frost blanketed his face. There's still a woman who dares to reject Nigel? Is she sick of living? “My sister is blinded by love. She's still yearning for her ex-husband,” Kevin revealed without warning. Everyone was stunned, not quite understanding his meaning. Malevolence contorted Kevin's face. “If Donald Campbell disappears. ” His words were savage and ruthless beyond belief. A thoughtful expression appeared on the faces of Theo, Mark, and the bald and burly man with a height of two meters. Mark suddenly commented, “I know him. He's currently Lana Collins’ security guard. How about I act in this matter?” Jennifer instantly went as pale as a sheet. “No!” Alas, no one paid her any mind. Mark merely swept a placid glance over her before fixating his gaze on Kevin. “You're vicious enough, kid. I like it!” Unexpectedly, admiration showed on his face. Immediately, Kevin greeted in a panic, “I’ve heard of you long ago, Mr. White. I've even met Jerald Hill from Blade Alliance before. copy right Aunovel.