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Tasting Darkness By Jessicahall

Tempting Darkness By jessicahall Book 2 Chapter 12


"Teine said a chuairteachadh," I blurted, and flames enveloped his body, but he just walked right through them absorbing the magic in them and making me gasp for air before I remembered he was a ghost. devil - Fae, and fire will not burn him. Lycus clasped his hands at his sides and Darius' eyes glowed like embers as he cast his last spell behind it. " I snap back at him, and his fist turns to bone - crushing, making me scream, I scream as he turns my magic against me, freezing me as he turns blood but my burned hand was crushed, and I cried out as my magic made my hand burn worse.” “Without magic, Darius is just another demon similar to the men here, but Darius is no ordinary demon - Fae. I've never actually seen Kalen use magic, only a few times, knowing it makes him unstable each time. use it. Lycus growled angrily at him as Darius walked towards me and I sat back in my chair before realizing he had no magic. , set himself on fire, but he didn't let me go, just growled, forced me to the door, and I was forced to put out the fire or burn the place. Tobias bleeds and absorbs his magic after Darius steals it from him. They explained that it was their way of transferring magic before me, but it was very emotional and mainly only possible for Darius to transfer when having sex or being angry with them, while I am him. only touching, and yet I'm still mad at him after forcing him to eat the other night.



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