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That Night

Chapter 44 Catching Up

Early the next morning, Ariana woke up to find herself still in the living room. She wondered where Logan could have gone all through the night and failed to come back home, the worst part is that he didn't inform her about it. She tried calling him severally but his number was switched off. While she prepared breakfast by almost lunchtime, she still wondered where Logan was. She was about to try calling his number again when she saw him coming into the house looking tired. "Where the hell are you coming from by this time without even telling me about it?" Ariana asked worriedly. "Do I have to start reporting my whereabouts to you?" Logan lashed at her. "Suit yourself. I already prepared breakfast you can have it if you want to, I have to go out. " She said angrily as she stepped out of the kitchen and and and I am sorry for your loss.