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The CEO’s Ten Million Dollar Wife by R.C.BRIE15

The CEO’s Ten Million Dollar Wife by R.C.BRIE Chapter 50


I know it's a ring but I didn't waste time figuring it out before I put it in my kit," she replied while looking the model straight in the eye. Hi President Deutche, I lost my ring this afternoon and one of your designers found it but did not report it in her possession. “I don't know if it's the ring or not, I didn't see the design, I just kept it in my kit…” she tried to explain but something caught her eye, make her stop. “Oh… I found a ring in the dressing room during lunch… it's here in my kit…” she immediately checked her bag and searched for it. Don't steal your ring” with her clenched jaw and fierce face, she stepped closer to the model, who was amazed by her appearance. Turning to the model, she squinted at the ring. give it back to you” Jason calmed the situation but it was clear that neither of them had eased it yet. The ring is among her things,” Jason briefly explained. When two men look at each other, you become aware of his influence in the fashion world. ' Jason mutters seriously as he stares at the model with an unremarkable expression.


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