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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss

Chapter 2562 Humiliated

Thus, regarding his assistant’s question, Harvey just smiled slightly and hid his thoughts and emotions. Harvey did not want anyone to see that he had feelings for Selena because he was not sure that he could steal her away from Eric “What feelings? Ms. Nelson is just Ms. Nixon’s friend, and Ms. Nixon asked me to take care of her. ” His voice was slow and languid. He sounded indifferent as he answered casually before he lowered his head to play with his phone. Upon hearing this, the assistant nodded and heaved a sigh of relief. “Sorry, I was overthinking it. Turns out it’s because of Ms. Nixon. That's good. But you should also find a girlfriend. The manager said that you're living the life of a robot. " Harvey smiled, stretched his back, and replied helplessly, “Forget it. I've been married once, so I’m scarred for life. I really have no interest in dating anyone. " After he finished speaking, he took out the blindfold to cover his eyes and take a nap. The assistant smiled embarrassedly and did not continue to ask. It was good to know that Harvey did not have romantic feelings for Selena. After all, they witnessed what Eric Ferguson was capable of after this incident, Even an A-lister like Lara was blacklisted at his command. To Eric, the entertainment circle was just kid’s play. No one could tell what tomorrow would bring Thus, it was better if Harvey focused on his career! In the ward, Selena was packing her things. Eric went out for a while and did not want to stay in the hospital any longer. He insisted on going home tomorrow. Selena thought that the conditions at home were not any worse than the hospital and even had a better environment, so she readily agreed and started to pack up their things in the room with the servants. Eric was sitting in the living room, still wearing sunglasses. He was quietly listening to Mitchell's report about the company. Selena forgot where her phone was. She looked for it but could not find it. “Mr. Ferguson, have you seen my phone?” Eric took the phone out of his pocket. “Is it this one?” Selena took a look and breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, it’s with you. ” “Well, I pocketed two phones in the car. Since our phone model is the same, I can’t tell the difference. ” Selena nodded and did not care After all, Eric could not see, so it was normal for him to take the wrong phone. Selena glanced at it and did not see any new messages, so she turned off her phone and continued to pack her things. Eric smiled and continued to listen to Mitchell with his head down. After Mitchell finished talking about the company’s affairs, he changed his tune. ‘Also, the person you asked me to keep an eye on has arrived at the airport today

Her skin was smooth and fair, and her long, slightly curly hair was like seaweed as it draped behind her back. She looked effortlessly beautiful and flirtatious. She seamlessly integrated the two styles

. Selena was truly a unique beauty. She had a good potential to do well in the entertainment circle. Selena also had one of the prettiest faces in the entertainment industry. Eric could not see what Selena was wearing, so he did not know about all this. The Bentley arrived at the pier. It was very windy there with a chill from the ocean. As soon as Selena got out of the car, she shivered and sneezed. Eric, who got out of the car after her, was a little surprised and reached out to grab her hand. However, he grazed her back. The smooth and delicate touch startled him slightly. Eric did not let go. Instead, his hand started to caress her back. Just as Selena was about to push Eric away, Eric suppressed his anger and said in a low and cold voice. “Why don’t you have any clothes on?” Selena rolled her eyes at him. ‘It's a backless dress. Got it?” Eric gritted his teeth angrily. Then, he took off his suit jacket and insisted on putting it over Selena’s shoulders. Selena hesitated. Eric sensed her resistance, but he was naturally stronger than Selena, so he held her down to prevent her from moving. Since Selena could not resist, she had to accept the jacket. However, his coat was really warm. Selena felt like she stepped into her comfort zone and did not want to take it off anymore. The people on the cruise ship had already noticed the two of them a long time ago. They were surprised by Selena and Eric’s intimacy. “Welcome, Mr. Ferguson. This way please. ” Eric looked solemn. He nodded slightly, grabbed Selena’s hand, and squeezed it lightly as a signal. Although Eric was holding a white cane, he did not know anything about this unfamiliar environment, so he was not as confident as usual. The only person he could trust was Selena. Selena understood what he was doing. She held his hand and walked forward The road from the pier to the cruise ship was flat without any bumps. However, the pier was not so stable. They did not stay on the pier for too long and went on the cruise ship. The opulence of this cruise ship was on another level. It was not at all like the cruise ships used for commercial purposes