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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

Chapter 2566 Who Do You Want to Punish?

Therefore, lvan’s relationship with Selena was a combination of new and old grudges. lvan did not like Selena at all “Are you so shameless that you're interested in being a third party to another couple? I have never seen anyone who has no moral bottom line like you!” Selena sneered and smiled strangely. “Who's the third party? I think your sister is the third party in this relationship. You can say such a thing, which shows that your upbringing isn’t that great. I have nothing to say to you, Mr. Caldwell. Since you are confidently waiting to become Eric's brother-in-law, then go directly to him. I'm not interested in acting like a fake b*tch or a saint. That just disgusts me. " As Selena spoke, she glanced at Lara. Lara froze slightly and subconsciously looked at Ivan. Selena said lightly, “Also, do you really think that I’m just like you guys, rushing to become Mrs. Ferguson? Eric begged me to get back together with him. Even if he knelt in front of me and proposed, I wouldn't agree to marry him. Between me and him, he’s always the one who's been clinging on to me!” It felt great to just date without the goal of marriage. Ivan was livid, and he looked at her angrily. “You really have no sense of shame. If you are still with Eric when my sister marries him, I'll get someone to get rid of you—" lvan said some harsh words and was not afraid that Selena would disagree. However, before he finished speaking, he heard the sound of handmade leather shoes against the deck and the crisp sound of a cane accidentally hitting the railing. Eric said in a cold and gloomy voice, “Who do you want to get rid of?” Although his voice was calm, everyone could hear the forbearance and anger in it. Ivan was taken aback for a moment. He watched as Eric came up the stairs wearing sunglasses. Eric's face was cold and glum, and he looked so indifferent and unapproachable. Ivan did not expect Eric to appear suddenly because Eric could not see and must be guided by others, so Eric probably would not come. up to the second floor. Ivan suddenly felt guilty. Lara, who was next to Ivan, did not even dare to say a word as she stood beside Ivan like a baby chick. Seeing this, Selena smiled, walked over, and took Eric’s arm. “He wants to get rid of me, of course!” Eric's face was tense and glum. His shirt was blown up by the wind, and his figure was tall and straight. His shadow blended with the dark sky. Eric loosened his collar and said in a cold voice. “Who will dare to get rid of you? You're my treasure. I can't even bear to hurt you, so who else will?” Selena heard the meaning of his words and could not help but chuckle. She stretched out her hand to pinch his thin waist. Unfortunately, there were no fats that she could pinch, so it was a waste of effort. However, she still leaned forward and warned him

Eric did not even bother talking to someone like Ivan If the son caused trouble, the father should be held responsible. Ivan did not even know what to say. His arrogance just now disappeared instantly

. Lara's lips were pale, and her eyes were flustered. “No, wait! This matter is my fault. I came here to apologize sincerely. novelebook. comMr. Ferguson, please forgive me for the sake of the other innocent cast and crew members. I don’t mind if Ms. Nelson blames me, but they are innocent!” Lara gave Selena moral pressure. Selena rolled her eyes. Eric said in a cold voice, “Don’t rush to cry now. You'll get to cry later. They can hate you if they want to because you made those innocent people lose their jobs. If you really know your mistake, then you should compensate them for their lost wages and mental damages. Don’t waste your time here to provoke others. Do you understand?” Eric usually did not talk much. However, Lara dared to connote Eric. Lara was not connoting Selena. She was clearly trying to gain Eric's attention by pretending to be innocent. Right. Since Eric was with Selena, he could clearly distinguish these behaviors. Eric took Selena’s hand and interlaced her fingers with his. Then, he lowered his head to talk to Selena. “Don't be scared of her. She's just jealous that you're young and beautiful and that you're with me. I'll deal with her. ” Selena came here with Eric, so she should not suffer any grievances. Eric was even more afraid that Selena would refuse to tell him about her grievances and act as if she had nothing to do with him Now that Selena took the initiative to complain and rely on him, Eric felt more relaxed and happy. Selena could not help but smile. “Of course. You're the best!” They did not deliberately suppress their voice, so Lara heard them clearly. Lara was furious. She was sensitive about her age. People online said that she looked to be 18 years old, and she also felt that she was not much different from when she was 18. So, why did they attack her with her age?