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The Reunion After Seven Years

Chapter 36 Wanted To Marry Her

"Mr. Gu, you are the guest. Please take the menu first. " Baron pushed the menu to Kerr in a respectful manner. Discreetly, he showed his identity clearly. It created the impression that he was a family with Nicole and Jay, and the man named Kerr was an outsider. "Don't bother. What did Nicole order? I only want the same one,” Kerr replied beaming before turning to look at Nicole with a devilish smile. He treated Baron's provocation indifferently because other than he found it uninteresting, he never took it seriously. What he craved at the moment was to get what he wanted. No matter what it was or who it was. He had been like this in the past. Now facing Nicole, he felt that it was still the same, nothing had changed. The only difference lay in his firm determination to have her. Nicole was slightly uneasy.

" Not knowing how to respond to Kerr, she had resorted to looking at her son instead. Her eyes were so helpless. Considering how happy he was, gradually, she lowered her guard down in her heart's defense

. Because first and foremost, Jay was her Achilles heel. She didn't care about anyone's feelings, but she couldn't ignore Jay's. "Okay, Mommy, I want to go to the bathroom," Jay softly mumbled, meeting his mother's eyes with a serious expression, before casting a glance at Kerr. "Uncle Gu, can you take me there?" he requested, his face looking expectant. He was curious about Uncle Gu's thoughts, so he surely needed to have a good talk with him. After all, it was related to Mommy's happiness, so he must be cautious. "Okay," Kerr nodded at once before standing up and inched his way to Jay. He gently wrapped his hand in his small hand and carefully led him to the bathroom. Looking at their backs, Nicole breathed a sigh of relief. She subconsciously picked up a glass of water on the table and drank some to calm herself down. Baron, however, chose this moment to spout what was on his head. "Nicole, I've told Kerr that Jay is our son. " What he said next almost made her choke on a mouthful of water. It took her a lot of strength to prevent the water from gushing out of her mouth. She tried to suppress the erratic beating of her heart, but when she swallowed it, she coughed incessantly. "Ahem! What. What did you say?" She lifted her head and eyed him doubifully. ‘Was this for real?’ she thought inwardly. She knew Baron so well. He was usually calm and collected, and would not make up such a ridiculous lie. After thoughtful consideration, it seemed to her that they had changed a lot after they came back from Manhattan. Jay had changed, and likewise, even Baron had changed too. As for herself, she didn't know. And she was not quite sure. "Haven't you been worrying about Kerr taking Jay away from you? So I think it's a way to solve it once and for all. I also told him that I would give you and Jay a legal status in the Fang family. Maybe we can make him give up, totally. Even if you don't tell me, I can guess. that he is pestering you, right?" Baron said earnestly in a voice soft with affection as he continued looking at her worriedly. Yes, he knew that Nicole was a strong-minded woman. And most often than not, she was fond of shouldering things by herself like in Manhattan. And now that she came back to their hometown, she was still like that. And more than once, he had even hinted that he could support this pair of mother and son, but she never gave him a chance. Right now, he felt desperate and drastically told a lie. According to his knowledge of her, she would not recklessly expose him. Thus, he had every reason to get close to her. "Baron, don't you know that we won't get married? If you keep lying about me, I'm afraid that your reputation will be damaged sooner or later. In that case, all the more Kerr will become suspicious. You should have addressed it with me first. I planned to resign after some time and bring Jay back to Manhattan. But Jay loves the present life very much, so it is still open for discussion with him. Don't worry about me. I know what I'm doing. And I'll ask for your help if I'm in trouble. That's it," she thoroughly explained as the light in her eyes became dim, looking more apprehensive. Now it confused her whether his lie was useful or not, but considering Kerr's behavior just now, there was no sign of fear on his face, nor did he look threatened. All she could discern was a strong sense of possessiveness in his eyes every time their eyes met. Somehow, she was a little scared of it, but she was more uncomfortable with Baron's silly idea. Keenly observing her bothered and thoughtful expressions showing in her face, Baron held back and remained silent. He opted not to speak out his thoughts at the moment. He truly intended to tell her that he genuinely wanted to marry her. But the Fang family couldn't accept Jay as he was a child of another man. It was the sole reason he had been hesitant for so many years. And he couldn't bring himself to confess. In the washroom, Kerr silently watched the little guy, who was standing in front of the children's specific washing table. He liked the way he washed his small hands as he found it cute and funny. His eyes continued to follow his small actions until he found himself already lost in his thought. "Jay, do you remember your father?" He had no idea whether Jay knew that Baron was his father. But as he observed, he didn't see any resemblance between the two. On the contrary, he was reminded of his own childhood every time he looked at Jay. He thought that things would have been easier and simpler if he was his son. Jay shook his head when he heard him ask. The word "father" was very strange to him. He had never heard his Mommy mention it. "When I was a child, my mommy told me that my daddy was separated from Mommy before I was born. But Mommy gave me all the love. So, I don't feel sad at all. " Jay lifted his eyes and started scrutinizing Kerr seriously. For so many years, he had been comforting himself by these words. And he hoped for someone who could protect his mommy. Sometimes, he felt that the speed of his growth was way too slow. After they came back here from Manhattan, his mommy had been injured twice. 00 .