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The Temptation of Sin And The Lycan Princess

Chapter 102

18. Deadly Memories SKYLA. Why am I feeling like this? I stop in my tracks, wanting to tell them about the voice I heard. Of Apophis and what he said, but how do I tell them? Hesitating, I stop before the witches, and Raihana gives me a small smile. “We got this. ” She says confidently. “Yeah, I just. before we begin, I want to tell you I heard a voice. and it came from the snake. ” I hear a murmur go through the room and know it sounds bloody unbelievable. “And what did this snake that only you can see, say?” Sephora asks. ‘It said, Daughter of Selene. and I replied, servant of Apophis-" Sephora cuts me off, making my eyes flash with irritation. “And how do you know that it was the servant of Apophis? Is this a web of lies that you have spun after we mentioned the visions we've seen. If that is the-" ‘This is a trial, and every side is allowed to speak in their own defence. Do not pressurise the suspect into not stating vital information, it's almost as if you have something against her. Do you?” Leo asks coldly. “And for someone in your position, you should know that this was already shared with the council. ” Grandad El says and I look at Magdalene and Janaina. So they know? “That is correct. Sephora, please, calm yourself or I will have you step out. ” Janaina says warningly. “Her eyes are the same shade as the unseen monster. What proof is there that they are not one and the same! Leo cocks a brow. “I understand that this is upsetting for you, considering you are the aunt of one of the deceased However, if you can't behave professionally, then I would suggest the same as High Witch Janaina. And I'm sure the jury would agree. So, step the fuck out if you can't behave professionally. ” “You are not a prime member of the council. In fact, until now you refused to even join and now that it's convenient, you simply step in?” She says. Dad growls as Leo cocks a brow, not phased. I glance at Azura, who’s watching him with damn googly eyes. I wish Royce was here. Fuck, I’m jealous. ‘I'm stepping in as a substitute, please calm yourself, Ms Sephora. You're only embarrassing yourself. ” Leo says calmly, only making Sephora look fucking pathetic. I look at her, my heart thudding, related to the girl who died. ‘Are you ready?” Janaina says to me, and I nod. Casting a glance over at Aleric, I see that he’s simply sitting there ever so calmly. I turn to Mama, needing someone to tell me it's going to be ok, and she smiles comfortingly, giving me strength that I never fucking knew I needed. Azura. Kat. Song, they’re all here, and so is most of my family. I wish I could mind-link someone right now. I close my eyes as Janaina begins whispering the spell, placing two fingers to my forehead

“Skyla wouldn't do this. ” Is that Mama? I'm not so sure anymore. Everyone is arguing

. the darkness and rage in the room is getting too much. “Something is wrong. She told me her version and she almost fucking died saving that girl!” Dad snarls. A shot is fired, making everyone jump. The bullet hits the ceiling and silence finally falls over the courtroom “We're dealing with a god. They can do anything, and I'm sure bypassing magic is no fucking issue for them. So, calm the fuck down and think with your fucking heads, not emotions!” Leo snarls, his voice is calm and venomous. “Unbind her. ” Dad says, his voice trembling with rage, as he lifts me up. I can see the metal burning into his hands, but he’s not bothered as Kataleya moves away and Raihana whispers a spell, breaking the chains away. The pain eases a little, but it doesn’t stop the agony in my head. Like someone clawing into it with dulled claws. Mama is beside me in seconds, healing me, but the pain in my head doesn't ease up and it’s making my eyes water from it. “Are you alright? Are you still in pain?” Mama asks, hugging me tightly. “Sky?” “My head. ” I whisper, clutching my head. “She killed them, she is a killer!” Heather's mother whispers. Sephora nods as Janaina gets to her feet. ‘Tell us, Janaina, did you feel anything off in her mind?” Magdalene asks, tight-lipped. “Because from my knowledge, there was no manipulation. That was her true memory. ” “The memories were not manipulated. ” She says quietly. “But we know from experience that there are other factors that may be at play. And considering this involves our king and his daughter. ” Allen says gravely before turning to Dad, who is standing behind me as Mama holds me. “Your daughter has immense power. Moments ago, her aura filled this room. is there something you want to tell us, Alpha King Alejandro?” He continues. Before Dad can even reply, the doors to the courtroom open and the sound of heels on the wooden floor makes me turn. There she stands. Her long blond hair is pinned up into an 80s-style quiff. With the rest curled, she's wearing a tweed skirt with a matching jacket and on her feet are red stilettos. “What are you doing here?” Aleric asks her sharply. She ignores him as she looks straight at Dad and the witches before giving Leo a small nod, turning back to Magdalene and raising her chin. ‘There's no need for him to tell you anything, because I witnessed her in action that night. Probe my mind, Elder Witch, and you shall see, that it was not the Lycan Princess who killed those girls. I swear an oath by Selene and on my mother’s life that I speak only the truth and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. ” “And you are?” Magdalene asks as all eyes remain on the newest entrant to the courtroom “My name is Charlotte Sophia Arden, and I was there the night my brother, The Solaris King, Alpha Royce Jonathan Arden, saved his princess and slayed the serpent. ” A gasp ripples through the room, as she drops not one but a few mother fucking bombs on the room. Well, fuck. now that's one way to make an entrance