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There He Is Again, My Ex-Husband (Julian and Amelia)

Chapter 1080 Damn That Tacit Understanding Between Them

When she was stunned and unable to speak, Phil read her mind at a glance and couldn't help but let out a chuckle, "Don't tell me you also think it will be a daughter. "Of course not. " Anya did not want to have this damn tacit understanding with him. She immediately pulled down the brim of her fisherman's hat and walked away with her head down. Phil caught up with her with big strides and kept on asking, "Why did you think it would be a daughter?" "Who said I thought it would be a daughter?" Anya retorted. Phil said gently and somewhat helplessly, "Any, your eyes betrayed your emotions just now. " Anya was really disturbed by the way he called her, so she stopped and admitted, "Yes, but why do you think it's a daughter too?" The man said with a smile on his lips, "It's my intuition. " Anya said with disgust, "Your intuition? I don't think your intuitions are reliable. " Phil laughed, "Then consider it my devout prayer. Hope God could hear my longing and give us a daughter. " Somehow, Anya found his words ‘give us a daughter’ brought her some kind of reassurance and peace of mind. She was also reminded of the baby’s name she chose, Chris. She would be contented enough if her baby could be safe and happy in its life. She had no great ambition and did not have any high hopes for the baby. Anya only prayed for her baby's safety, perhaps because Lorie, her mother, got in a car crash and suffered.

She didn't want to talk to Phil who was overjoyed anymore, so she turned around, planning to go home and send him away. She wanted to be left alone. There were so many different names

. Why did she and Phil think of the same one? Anya was vexed enough, but the man came up behind her and took her in his arms, saying happily, "Any, it's undeniable that there's much chemistry between us. "Any, I'm so happy that we came up with the same name for the baby. " "Not really, there's a minor difference. " Anya snorted in Phil's arms, trying to deny that they gave the same name for the baby. She gave the names ‘Christine Willigen’ or ‘Chris Willigen’ for the baby, while he gave the name 'Christina Henderson’. Strictly, they were not the same name. Though she had to admit that they gave the same nickname for the baby. Anya and Phil did not share the same kind of feelings. While Anya was upset by the tacit understanding between them, Phil was joyfully hugging her in his arms again and again, completely forgetting that he, as her ex-husband, was not in the position to hug her. "Let go!" Anya was almost suffocated by his embrace, "I can't breathe. " Phil then realized that he was overly excited. He quickly let go of Anya in his arms and apologized. "I'm sorry. " "I'm just too happy. " Phil's mouth once again curved into a smile as he said this, causing Anya to give him a glare and walk away in a huff. Instead, Phil followed her in a calm and relaxed manner. Anya, his beloved girl, looked pretty whether she made a happy face or an angry face. She was good- looking no matter what she did and her every move could pull at his heartstrings. Anya did not want to take a stroll anymore, so she walked in the direction of the apartment. However, when she almost reached the apartment, she came to a stop. Phil followed her gaze and narrowed his eyes slightly. The reason why Anya stopped was that she saw a person standing in front of the apartment building from afar, and she recognized that person right away. It was Cara. Although she had only met Cara a few times, Cara's image was so impressive that she could recognize Cara even from the distance. Anya immediately knitted her brow and her face betrayed her disgust with Cara. It was really annoying! Anya thought, 'What's wrong with Cara? Why did she come to me?’ ‘lf she dislikes Phil being with me, she should go to Phil instead of me!’ ‘I've made it very clear that I don't want to mess with Phil and Phil is the one that keeps pestering me!’ 'l've never had any feelings for him since the very beginning. ’ "Is that your mother?" Anya asked Phil Phil was aware of Cara's intention, but he didn't tell Anya the truth for the time being and only gently responded, "Yes. " Then he continued, "Do you want to meet her? If not, I'll ask her to leave. " It was not a bad idea to turn a cold shoulder on Cara to frustrate her, which could make her learn that it was not that easy to ask for forgiveness after looking for trouble. "No. " Anya gave a refusal without even thinking about it. She thought Cara was here to get in trouble with her. She was not some kind of masochist, so she would not meet Cara and get insulted. She could not afford to screw with Cara, but at least she could stay away from Cara. "Then I'll call her and ask her to leave," Phil said. The moment he finished speaking, Cara called him, so he answered it. Cara's tone on the phone sounded quite calm, "I just came to Anya's place, but she wasn't home. " Cara had been knocking on the door for quite a long time, but no one answered the door. She was initially very annoyed, gnashing her teeth and stomping her feet at Anya's door. However, she had recovered her composure after waiting for a long time, then he called Phil. "We're walking outside, but she says she does not want to see you. You can go back. " Phil slowly explained to Cara, almost driving her crazy through the phone. "Phil, you did it on purpose, right? You give me a hard time deliberately!" Cara was so angry that she roared. She wasn't willing to come to Anya to apologize or ask for her forgiveness in the first place. She kept giving herself the message that it was not that hard to do that before she came here. She thought she could leave after finishing her words, but she didn't expect that Anya was out. And now her son told her that Anya did not want to see her and asked her to leave. It couldn't be more obvious that she would have to come here a couple of times. As Cara thought about it, she felt a sense of suppression in her chest.