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Twins in Her Womb

Chapter 169 Catching Luke and Bianca In Action!

Daniel had already walked out and was waiting outside. Xavier walked out of the third row and went to the aisle. He stood in the aisle that had a clear view of the fourth row. He looked at them again. At that moment, almost everyone in the audience had left. On the stage where the play showed, the props crew started moving the props backstage. In the fourth row, there were two people kissing each other and making out heavily. The man’s big hand went under the woman’s shirt in public. They wondered how lewd they were when they were in their own privacy. Mrs. Tanner did not see what the two people looked like. She walked out and urged, saying, “Let's go. Your dad is waiting for us outside. " Xavier frowned and continued looking at the two kissing in the distance in the fourth row. However, when Xavier saw that the two of them were wearing couple shoes, Xavier stopped frowning and left the theater with his mother.

Tanner heard what he said, she took her husband's arm into the car to avoid the father and son arguing again. Daniel said nothing and got in the car. Before getting in the car, Mrs

. Tanner turned around and said, "If you say that you'll be back for dinner, you'd better be. Don’t let your dad and me wait for you. We'll have to discuss what you're going to do with Bea. " Xavier promised. "Don't worry about it. " The driver drove the two elderly people home. Xavier turned to unlock his car. When the unlocking tone sounded, he saw a black Range Rover parked two parking spaces from his car. He paused. Luke had an identical black Range Rover. Of course, there were countless people driving the same car in A City. Therefore, the only way to know for sure was to check the license plate number. Xavier did not know why he started suspecting it and walked toward the black Range Rover. When the license plate number entered his line of sight, his deep eyes looked deeper. The extremely dazzling license plate number was not only pleasing to the eye but also showed the extraordinary social status of the car owner. Xavier's mouth suddenly became dry as he closed his eyes. At that moment, countless images flashed through his mind. Since last night, she could not get through Bianca's phone. He could not get through to her phone the entire night. After calling her phone, it was unanswered at the beginning and turned forever into a "Sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service". From the minute he saw the black Range Rover, Xavier was sure that he was blocked by Bianca. He had a feeling that that was what happened last night. He only needed to call Bianca's number on any cell phone to be sure of it, but he did not do that. He had stayed outside Old Man Rayne's ward the entire night. In the end, Bianca did not show up. When it was dawn, he had stayed up all night and was starting to feel very uncomfortable, so he went to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water to energize himself. Xavier was not sure what he was doing. He did not like Bianca. It seemed that jealousy had derailed him. Furthermore, he was becoming a person he did not know. When he snapped out of it, he realized he still had the duty to look for his wife. After all, they were still married legally. The law was behind him. Even if the other person on the marriage certificate did not care about the relationship. Before lunch, he figured that Bianca always went to see Grandpa, so he went over and waited, but she never showed up. After he left impatiently, he arrived at that point where he saw the black Range Rover in the theater parking lot. Xavier left the parking lot blankly and returned to the theater. The two people kissing in the fourth row of the VIP hall looked like Luke and Bianca appearance and clothes-wise. It was just that he did not get to see their faces at the time. How could it be so coincidental? Luke and Bianca secretly met up and happened to be seated behind Xavier and his parents? Xavier returned to the VIP hall, but it was already empty. As Xavier stood at the entrance of the VIP hall, he could still recall the scene that he had just witnessed with his own eyes. He had a sudden gut feeling, but it only lasted for ten seconds. Why would Luke and Bianca wear couple shoes? In terms of Luke's style, Xavier had never seen Luke wear a pair like that in his entire life. However, Bianca was still relatively young. No matter how experienced she was or how hard life had hit her, she was still only 24 years old. It was the age where it would be popular to wear white shoes like those. After Bianca walked out of the theater, she walked to the subway station by herself. She did not go with Luke. Luke had already promised her that she could see her children any time and even pick them up to sleep over at her place on the weekends. Therefore, she did not need to get closer to him in order to spend more time with the kids. Just before she left, Luke said with a cold tone, "If you don’t want to face him, you can go now. Otherwise, with Xavier’s suspicious personality, I'm afraid he'll try and return to the theater to find us together. It'll affect the relationship between your husband and you. ” ‘What's wrong with this man? ‘He says the weirdest things. ’ As she stood in the subway at that moment, Bianca closed her eyes irritably. When she agreed to register her marriage with Xavier, Bianca had already figured out a way out. Saving Grandpa was imminent, but she did not want to impulsively throw away the long second half of her life. When the time was right, she would not hesitate to sue for a divorce. A marriage certificate could not be like a chain that bound a living person for life, not allowing them to break free. When Bianca almost reached her neighborhood, she received a text from Nina. ‘Are you at home? No one answered the door. I really don't want to go home and be scolded by my parents. ’ Nina said. Bianca walked home and replied, ‘I'm heading upstairs now. ’ Upon arriving at her rented place, Bianca saw Nina waiting at the door. When the two entered the house together, Nina glanced casually and saw the shoes on Bianca's feet. She screamed. "Oh my God, 6,400—" When Bianca entered the room, she put her bag down and changed into her house slippers. She looked up and asked, "What’s 6,400?" Nina entered the place and took her eyes away from Bianca's pair of shoes. ‘These shoes are advertised in major magazines. If I remember correctly, they're parent-child shoes. In the family catalog, the price for the mother’s pair is 6,400 dollars. " "6,400 dollars?" Bianca frowned. She was poor and thought that the highest price range for a pair of shoes was 200 or 300 dollars. The doorbell rang. "Someone’s here? Wow, could it be your boss?" Nina teased Bianca and turned around to open the door. Before Bianca could stop her, the door was opened. Xavier stood outside the door. "You are. Who are you looking for?" Nina asked suspiciously and looked at the man with the killer aura in the suit outside.